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Chrome Beta 83 revamps form controls, blocks downloads from sandboxed content, and more (APK Download)

The coronavirus outbreak has thrown a wrench in Chrome's release schedule. Chrome 82 was skipped entirely, and even though v83 is now in beta, it's definitely one of the smallest updates we've seen in a while. Nevertheless, there are some new changes worth talking about.

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Form AR goggles review: The coolest and most accurate swimming tracker

As a swimmer and a techie, every time a new activity tracker is announced, my first reaction is to skim its official page trying to find if it supports my favorite sport. What follows is an extensive research into what exactly it tracks about the swim because that can be anything from just the total time and distance to a detailed account of every lap. More often than not, none of that information is readily available and I just have to buy the device to test for myself.

When I saw Form's swimming goggles, I knew what I was getting into.

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Pixate Joins Google And Makes Studio Free To Use, Form Updates To Version 1.3 With Material Design Patches, And More

Pixate is a tool that helps designers prototype native mobile applications without pulling their hair out. Now it's a part of Google.


The first immediate impact of this acquisition is that Pixate Studio is now free to use. You can go download the software to a Windows PC or Mac right away to create interfaces for your Android or iOS device. Then, if you want to share your prototypes with teammates online, Pixate's new cloud plan goes for $5 a month or $50 a year. The desktop software integrates seamlessly with cloud accounts.

Pixate has set up a FAQ page dedicated entirely to explaining how becoming a part of Google will affect things.

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Autodesk Brings FormIt App To Android For Capturing Building Concepts 'Anywhere Ideas Strike'

It's no secret that I enjoy Autodesk mobile apps. From Pixlr Express to Sketchbook to AutoCAD 360, it's hard to find an instance when the company has produced a sub-par piece of mobile software.

Continuing that trend, Autodesk released FormIt to the Play Store today, two months after teasing the app's progress on its blog. The former iOS exclusive is meant to help users quickly create and manipulate building forms based on quick ideas or inspiration while on the go.

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In this pursuit, the app allows users to quickly build their ideas using a gallery of pre-determined shapes, or by extruding their own shapes from lines.

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Google's Android Market Copyright Infringement Form Wins The Troll Awards - Just Says 'crap' Upon Submission (Not An April Fool's Joke)

Among all the awesome (or really bad, depending on your mood) April Fool's jokes today, Google's web form for submitting Android Market copyright infringements towers above all, especially considering it's not a joke, at all. We really doubt that it's intentional because this behavior was present before April 1st arrived to California, and it is mind boggling that something like this would fall through the cracks and get past Google's Quality Assurance. Alas...

Upon submitting the relatively lengthy form that is meant to report copyright violations in the Market, instead of a Thank You message, the [most likely innocent smalltime] copyright holder is presented with the following:


So, imagine that you spent hundreds of hours developing an application and suddenly found that someone ripped it off, stuffed it with ads, and submitted back to the Market.

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