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[Why?] Google Maps tests a standalone Map tab, separating it from the driving and transit views

You open a maps application, you expect to see a map of where you are. It's common sense, yet we have to start this news article with this pretty basic knowledge bit. The reason? Whoever is behind the latest Google Maps server-side test seems to have missed that "Map app making 101" lesson and went free-styling with their own ideas.

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Instagram is adding random people's posts to your Feed again

In its ongoing quest to get your eyes on as much content on its platform as possible, Instagram is testing a new recommended posts feature in its Feed that suggests posts from accounts you don't currently follow once you're caught up on posts from the ones you do. The social media platform tested a similar feature late last year.

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Google overhauls events in Search with recommendations and more detailed overviews

Last year Google implemented a new card interface for event-related searches, giving you a straightforward overview of the many ways to fill your free time locally. Today Google has announced that it is adding a few more features to Search that make finding events even easier, showing more information like time, location, and ticketing, as well as an entirely new discovery mechanism for finding out about events you might like.

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