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The CBS Sports App Gets Updated To Stream The AFC Championship Game And The Super Bowl, But Only On Tablets

If you're a good little brow-beaten NFL fan like me, then watching all of the playoff games is a penance. Each of the major networks gets its own game every weekend, and they're all desperately trying to avoid the moment when they're contractually obligated to tell you about the games on the other channels. And in the case of CBS, they mention the fact that they have both the Super Bowl and the Grammy's every twenty seconds, because apparently they think the same people who will watch a bloated, drawn-out spectacle full of egos and corporate sponsorship will also watch a music awards show.

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Adidas Snapshot App Can Tell How Hard And Fast You Kick A Soccer Ball Using Your Android Camera

How hard am I kicking a soccer ball? Not hard at all. I don't play soccer, or football as you folks living in most other countries call it. But if I did kick soccer balls—and by kick, I mean apply enough force to quickly send them in a straight direction, rather than nudge them awkwardly and accidentally off to the side—the Adidas Snapshot app might just pique my interest.

Snapshot takes footage of you kicking a soccer ball and determines from those frames just how fast you sent the thing flying. The app defaults to kilometers per hour, because only those of us who call the sport soccer have any interest in seeing miles per hour instead.

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Herocraft's FootLOL Mixes Soccer, Tower Defense, Cannons, Cows, Aliens, Bombers, And Anything Else They Can Cram Into A Mobile Game

Soccer games and tower defense games seem to have reached their design peak - while you see a new idea every once in a while, both genres are relatively static. That's probably what makes FootLOL so interesting: it mixes both genres, and a bunch of other random insanity, to make something wholly unique. And also insane. Just have a gander at the trailer below and see if you can scrape together the few bits of coherence in the gameplay.

FootLOL is basically the over-the-top sports game, a la NBA Street or Mario Super Strikers, taken to its most unbelievable conclusion. You control your team and try to score goals in the conventional way, but you also get crazy semi-permanent cannons and turrets, stampeding herds of cattle, alien abductions, and a host of other things that are slightly outside of the rules of soccer to employ on both offense and defense.

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Pac-12 Now, MTV, And Qello Concerts Apps Add Chromecast Compatibility

Before you complain in the comments about the fact that all of these apps added Chromecast compatibility weeks ago... well, I suppose there's no power in the 'verse that can stop you. We reported that the TED Talks app got Chromecast powers back in November, but apparently Google's Chrome blog just spotted that today, and the Pac-12 app got it back in February. Qello Concerts? It was enabled on March 18th. In fact the only truly newly-equipped app in Google's post is MTV.

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Even so, it's notable. The Pac-12 Now app offers live coverage of all kinds of sports from its popular member schools, including the NCAA March Madness tournament currently in its semi-final round.

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NFL Scores New YouTube Channel With Google Search-Integrated Video Clips In Time For Super Bowl XLIX

In 2014, the US was shocked to see a flock of sea hawks fly in from the northwest and, despite normally preying on fish, completely devour a team of broncos from the Rockies. This year the birds are still on the offensive, but a group of patriots from New England have banded together to stop them. On Sunday, we will get to see the two sides do battle in a giant bowl.

Wait, that's not what's happening this weekend? I better Google this some more.

Huh, look what pops up now.

Screenshot 2015-01-26 at 10.53.21 AM

That's right, the NFL has created a YouTube channel that contains clips and commentary on the good old American sport of football.

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The Football Leather Moto X On Verizon Is Official... ly Ugly

Motorola took the premium materials one step further this year with the option to buy a Moto X clad in premium Horween leather, then someone at Verizon thought it would be cool to slap some football leather on it. The result, as you can see below is kind of ugly. Maybe it looks nicer in real life?

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FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Ends Its Brief Period Of Isolation In Canada To Go Live In The Rest Of The World

Last week EA launched FIFA 15 Ultimate Team exclusively in Canada. Our northern friends have had plenty of time since to run the game through its paces, and it looks like things have checked out. EA is now releasing the game in the rest of the world.

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EA Releases FIFA 15 Ultimate Team In Canada, Coming Soon To The Rest Of The World

Football season is back here in the United States - there were two, count 'em, two NFL apps in the last game roundup alone. But if you didn't get enough of the other football during the World Cup, EA would like to provide a digital alternative. At least if you live in Canada, that is - the company just published the Android version of FIFA 15 up north. Canucks, all the soccer you want is free for the asking... plus whatever in-app purchases you choose to expend.

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The latest version of the evergreen football franchise has the usual improved graphics and updated rosters, and the Quick Simulation mode lets you drop into any matchup without dedicating yourself to a full season (the titular "Ultimate Team" mode), but it still relies on strategic substitutions when your underpowered players are lacking in a little IAP stamina.

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Full Fat Releases NFL Kicker And NFL Quarterback 2015, Hopes To Drive The Ball Into Your Bank Account's Red Zone

The American football season is just getting underway, and that means it's time for game tie-ins. Full Fat has long made games based on the flick-kick model, and now you can complete passes and score field goals with NFL Kicker and NFL Quarterback 2015.

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In NFL Kicker, you have to complete field goals from different places on the field with varying wind. You've probably seen this gameplay skinned several different ways. NFL Quarterback is a little different—your goal is to complete passes and pull off big plays. It's basically the entertaining part of football (or handegg if you will) over and over.

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ESPN Renames College Football App To 'Championship Drive' And Gives It A Big Makeover In v4.0

Dear football fans. Remember that makeover that you were too insecure to get? Well one of ESPN's many sports apps is getting it done for you. Not only does the network's College Football app look like a whole new person, it has a new name to boot. ESPN Championship Drive, despite being version 4, wants you to view it as a separate individual.

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