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Google improves Knowledge Graph search cards: Material refresh, additional information, more tabs

A few months ago, Google began testing a new interface for search card results, which removes the bold header color, uses a new Follow button with the Discover logo, and introduces more tabs for accessing relevant information about the subject. That interface seems to be rolling out more widely now and comes with redesigns for almost all search result cards and plenty of added information.

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FYI: Google will let you order food right from Search — no visiting third-party order pages

Hunger drives innovation. That can be hunger for change, or hunger for more efficient ways of getting things done, but sometimes it's really just hunger — like, for food. Over the years, we've seen Google bring us a number of convenient ways to connect us with a little sustenance, like back at I/O when it detailed how Assistant would take users' food orders. Today we're looking at the latest advancement along these lines, with a fully-integrated ordering system coming to Search on the web.

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Google Maps v9.60 brings usable Picture-in-Picture mode, prepares for adding personal notes to locations, food reviews, and more [APK Teardown + Download]

Friday saw the launch of video submissions by Local Guides, some of which are already popping up. But that wasn't the only thing to come with the v9.60 update, the Picture-in-Picture mode added in the last update has been fixed and now offers a useful window into your trip while you're using other apps. There are also several new topics for a teardown, including personal notes for locations, food reviews with photo submissions, and much more.

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Pinterest adds new features for recipe discovery, filters, and recommendations

Pinterest has just added a bunch of new food-specific features to its service and Android app. If you're searching for something to cook up tonight, the Pinterest Android app can give you a ton of new ways to find something. There is a new filter page when searching for recipes, so if you're craving a particular ingredient, or have certain dietary restrictions, you can ensure that the results only show what you need. The Lens tool can also find recipes for dishes you point it at, or ingredients you have on hand. For example, if you have a bag of fruit that's getting ready to turn, Pinterest can take a quick look and see what you can do with it.

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Google Maps v9.38 adds a dedicated album for food photos and an upcoming events tab for your places [APK Download]

Google set loose a new beta release of Maps, taking it up to v9.38. This release doesn't seem to have quite as many huge features as some of the last few, but there are still a couple of cool additions. There's a new tab with a list of upcoming events, bookings, and reservations. The dedicated album for food photos from a recent teardown is now also live. There are almost always a few other hidden gems in each release, so keep an eye out for more changes and let us know if you see anything else.

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Google Maps v9.37 beta adds personal content settings screen and timeline shortcut, organizes notification settings, and more [APK Teardown + Download]

It's a Friday afternoon and wouldn't you know it, Google set loose an update to the Maps app just in time for the weekend to begin. (Not like some of us didn't have plans...) Like so many recent updates to Maps, this one has some pretty notable changes worth checking out. There's a new settings screen for controlling how your personal content shows up in the app and the notification settings have been organized into sub-groups for easier browsing. A shortcut has been added to get into your timeline quickly, and it looks like level 3 Local Guides can now work with some of the recently added features for making contributions to places nearby.

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Google Maps v9.36.0 beta adds voice commands to avoid tolls, ferries, and highways, adds custom lists for saved places, and more [APK Teardown + Download]

A new Google Maps update is rolling out today. For most people, this version might not have a big impact quite yet, but it's introducing a new feature for some high-level members of the Local Guides program. Those that qualify will be able to create custom lists of saved places. For the rest of us, there's a new notification for local traffic and voice commands to avoid toll roads, highways, and ferries. There are also a few new things to check out in a teardown, including integration with another service, another tease about ordering food, and more.

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Domino's Zero Click App Automatically Orders A Pizza When You Open It

It's the age-old quandary of all mankind—pizza is great, but it's too hard to order. I mean, phone calls, web orders, and even apps require too much effort. All that clicking and tapping; it just stands between you and pizza. Well, Domino's is making ordering a pizza so easy you could almost do it by accident (and you might). Just open Zero Click and Domino's will bring you a pizza.

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[App-etizing] HelloFresh Chops Its Way To The Play Store, Spiced With Recipes And Weekly Meal Kits

HelloFresh is the kind of service that I would use in a heartbeat if I lived in the US or any of its other supported countries. I like fresh food, I love cooking, and I prefer variety and change to repetitiveness. However, I have little time to research new recipes, plan meals, and go to the store to buy every single ingredient needed to make everything. Plus, it's sometimes hard to find esoteric ingredients and even if I do, I'd only use them once or twice for very specific recipes. That'd be a waste.

HelloFresh aims to simplify that entire process by choosing some recipes for you, letting you pick the ones you like in the classic or vegetarian plan, finding and packing a week's worth of all the fresh ingredients needed, and delivering them to you.

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Jamba Juice Is Giving Out Free Android Mini Figurines If You Use Android Pay

Google never really promoted Wallet in all the years it existed and was capable of NFC payments, but at least it's trying with Android Pay. If you've got a Jamba Juice nearby, you can (maybe) get a free Android mini figurine if you pay with Android Pay. If you like Android and could go for a smoothy, it's a win-win.

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