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Digital Wellbeing lets you override Focus mode for 5 minutes (APK Download)

Bit by bit, Google is building Digital Wellbeing into a powerful smartphone management tool that can help you curb your usage and channel it into more or less productivity, following your needs. With Focus mode, introduced last year, the app gained a quick way to temporarily pause several apps in one fell swoop. Now you can bypass that for five minutes if you really need to open an app while the mode is active.

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Android's 'Focus Mode' leaves beta, now available on all Digital Wellbeing devices

Android's Digital Wellbeing service can be updated independently of the OS, since it's distributed through the Play Store, so Google can add new features outside of major Android releases. That has just happened, as the new 'Focus Mode' feature has finally left beta, and is heading to all Digital Wellbeing-compatible devices.

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Digital Wellbeing lets you schedule or take a break from Focus mode [APK Download]

One of the ways Digitial Wellbeing tries to curb your phone usage is through "Focus mode," a targeted and advanced do-not-disturb-like setting that stops distractions from certain apps and stops you from easily launching them. Until now, Focus mode was a manual setting, but with the latest beta of the app, it has gained an automatic schedule and a way to ask for a break.

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Android adds Focus mode in Digital Wellbeing to curb distractions when you're working [APK Download]

Digital Wellbeing's features are being heavily emphasized since Android Pie. During I/O 2019, Google announced several enhancements to the embedded service including parental controls (which are already live), per-app grayscale settings (not yet), and Focus mode. The latter is now available in the latest Digital Wellbeing beta v.1.0.263.

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ActionDash 3.0 beats Google's Digital Wellbeing to adding a 'focus mode,' plus other improvements

ActionDash, the app from Chris Lacy (developer of Action Launcher), has recently reached v3.0, delivering even more Digital Wellbeing-like features to older or unsupported phones. A handful of big new features come with this major version update: Focus mode, app usage limits, and a persistent notification called Usage Assistant that provides ongoing stats. ActionDash 3.0 also brings a fully black dark theme, support for Android Q's dark theme system toggle, and non-premium users can now enjoy the dark gray theme.

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Focus Mode coming to Android Pie and Q to cut out distractions from specific apps

Living in the digital age, we have almost everything we need to keep informed at our fingertips. Sometimes, however, we need to disconnect, whether it's to get homework done or enjoy time with family and friends. Previously, we've had options like Airplane Mode and Do Not Disturb, both of which do the job quite well. Unfortunately, they're an all-or-nothing solution, so Android will be getting a third choice: Focus Mode.

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