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Samsung enabled FM radio on US unlocked Galaxy S9 and S9+ with latest update

FM radio might be hideously old-fashioned in this age of constantly connected streaming media, but it's free and sometimes it's just easier than finding streaming content. Samsung's phones have hardware support for FM radio reception, but the feature was missing from the unlocked Galaxy S9 and S9+ at launch. With the most recent update, that mistake has been rectified.

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The US unlocked Galaxy S9/S9+ will get FM radio support in a future update

It's all too easy to hate on FM radio. When you've got access to an endless supply of on-demand streaming music, room on your phone to store a hefty local music library, and no shortage of options for personally tailored playlists, why bother with something as archaic as FM radio? Well, besides being free and using none of your data plan, you can also learn about local artists who might find otherwise themselves lost in the crowd of online options. And did we mention it's free? Ultimately, it's a feature we'd rather have on our phone than not. But as some new Galaxy S9 owners are discovering, things aren't working out quite as intended.

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LG will enable FM radio on more devices, in partnership with NextRadio

There are quite a few Android phones that support FM radio, at least on a hardware level. But the feature is rare on devices in the United States, and even more rare on carrier-sold phones (carriers would much rather you use more data). Most of LG's recent devices have shipped with the feature (at least in some regions), including the G5 and G6, but it will expand to more devices soon.

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Verizon issues Galaxy S7 and S7 edge update, adds FM radio support and other fixes

Verizon has released an update for both the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge that adds some features and bug fixes. FM radio support, which was added to other carrier models several months ago, is now available on Verizon S7 and S7 edges. In addition, Samsung now includes a built-in barcode scanning app called Barcode Beaming Service.

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The Latest OTA For T-Mobile's Samsung Galaxy S7 And S7 Edge Enables FM Radio

It's common for American carriers to mandate the removal of FM radio functionality from popular phones. After all, they'd much rather you used their network services to gobble down data. Something very unusual is happening in the new GS7 update. Samsung and T-Mobile are actually turning on the dormant FM radio functionality.

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Rdio Music Adds 500 Local Terrestrial Radio Streams From Partner Cumulus Media

Online streaming music is all well and good, but if you're hankering for the good old days of sliding FM dials, Rdio wants to oblige your craving. The long-standing streaming service is adding a new section to its app called "On the Air on Rdio," which gives users access to digital streams of 500 United States radio stations. The collection of stations covers basically every major market in the county, usually with a mix of top 40, classic rock, country, sports, and news content.

The radio stations come from a partnership with Cumulus Media, a radio conglomerate that owns all of the stations added.

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Report: AT&T Wants All Its Android Phones To Have An Active FM Radio Tuner Starting Next Year

Having an FM radio built right into your phone seems like a really good idea, but for some reason the feature seems to be relegated to "value" phones like the Moto G in the US. In fact, the OEM chipsets for a lot of devices (including many of Qualcomm's super-popular Snapdragon SoCs) include FM capability, but the manufacturer disables it for whatever reason. According to a quoted report on, that's going to change for Android phones on AT&T in 2016.


Screenshots from the built-in radio tuner on the Moto G.

Two companies owned by Emmis Communications are claiming that AT&T will begin requiring an active FM receiver in every Android phone it receives from manufacturers starting next year.

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Motorola's Native FM Radio App Updated With Material Design, Music Recording, Sleep Timer, And Usability Improvements

If you've got a Moto G or Moto E, your phone has an FM radio built right into the design. Motorola's official app for using the FM tuner isn't much to write home about, but it's become considerably better today. The updated app (version 02.00.0045, according to the Play Store) updates the player's user interface to a fresh Material Design theme, now with a fetching teal and white color scheme.

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Old above, new below. Hey, I love Lorem Ipsum FM!

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But wait, there's more! The app can now records sounds directly from the tuner, a great bit of extra functionality that makes me wish my fancy-pants flagship had a radio built-in.

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Motorola FM Radio App Updated With Bluetooth Support And Notification Controls

Like a lot of manufacturers that hope to sell phones in developing territories, Motorola adds FM radio functionality to its budget models, currently including the Moto E and the first and second generation of the Moto G. And as is the vogue for manufacturer customizations, the developers at the company have published their custom apps on the Play Store for easier updating. Today the built-in version of the FM radio app gets an update adding some much-needed features.

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First of all, users can now listen to FM radio audio via Bluetooth, including headphones, car head units, portable speakers, and anything else that uses the A2DP stereo.

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[New App] Motorola Continues To Add Stock Apps To Play Store, Now FM Radio For The Moto G

Google-owned Motorola has already added several of the unique stock apps from the Moto X to Google Play for faster updating, but now it looks like the Moto G is going to get the same treatment. The FM radio app for the upcoming budget-friendly phone has hit Google Play.

1 2

This app doesn't appear to be compatible with any other devices – not even the Moto X. The tab-based interface looks clean and you get around by swiping. Like other devices with FM radio capability, the Moto G will require wired headphones be plugged in to use as the antenna.

3 4

More apps from the device might show up in Play before you can get your hands on it, but this is already an unprecedented level of service for a budget smartphone.

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