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Flixster Video has officially shut down today (February 20th)

After a decade of operation, Flixster Video is calling it quits today. The company has been warning registered users via email in recent months, so this won't come as a surprise. You can't stream your digital movies at all anymore, and the website is no longer operational. If you haven't saved your movie library to another platform, you may still have a shot.

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Fandango, The Site That Sells You Movie Tickets, Acquires Flixster and Rotten Tomatoes

Consolidation is in the air. Fandango, the company behind that app or site you load up to order movie tickets online, has decided to purchase both Flixster and Rotten Tomatoes. This will give Fandango greater influence over which movies you discover, develop interest in, and ultimately watch.

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["OK Google, Listen To NPR"] Custom Voice Actions Launch On Android, Allow You To Control Selected 3rd Party Apps

Over on the Android Developer's Google+ page an awesome new feature for Google's voice search was just announced. A small selection of applications will now open directly when using certain voice commands. For example, you can now say, "Ok Google, find houses near me on Zillow," and Google will automatically start the Zillow app, showing a map of properties near your current location (this also works with the applications for Trulia and Previously a query like this would have directed you to Zillow's mobile site and given you a link to download Zillow's app.


Let me give you a few more examples of what you can do with the new voice commands.

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Movies By Flixster App Gets Updated To Support New Android Style Guide, 7" Tablets, For Better Or Worse

Movies by Flixster has a very interesting design history. The developers behind this app are usually among the first to adopt new Android design guidelines—they had a Honeycomb-style action bar back when the Xoom was the only Android tablet around—and today it got another new refresh. The good news is that now it looks better on the Nexus 7, as opposed to the broken mess it was before. Now, for the bad news.

2012-08-21 12.54.50 2012-08-21 11.56.46 2012-08-21 12.55.00

It doesn't look very good. Not that it looks bad, mind you. But if you were worried that you'd just be using a bunch of giant phone apps with your shiny new Nexus, Flixster isn't going to do much to put you at ease.

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