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FLIR ONE For Android Review: So Cool You Might Be Able To Justify The Exorbitant Price

FLIR Systems is one of the premier makers of thermal camera technology at the high-end of the market, but in recent years it has also been branching out to the consumer level. The first-generation FLIR ONE smartphone thermal camera was only available for the iPhone and it was a bulky case design. Now the second generation unit is coming out for Android in a few weeks, but it's not cheap. So, what does it do and is that worth $250 to you? Let's find out.

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Second Gen FLIR ONE Thermal Camera Is Coming To Android In July For $250

FLIR has announced its second generation thermal camera smartphone add-on will be coming to Android in July. The FLIR ONE plugs into the microUSB port on your phone to provide thermal imaging at four times the resolution of the first generation version. That kind of technology doesn't come cheap, though. It'll run $249.99 when it ships next month.


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FLIR FX Camera Quick Review: Awesome Hardware With A Few Software Kinks To Work Out

In recent years, Dropcam has been the leader when it comes to smart home security cameras. FLIR recently jumped in to the market with the FLIR FX wireless security camera. This is a mobile-centric security system that offers cool ways to review your video and receive alerts on your phone when something goes down at home. Let's see how it performs.

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FLIR Announces Super-Versatile FLIR FX Wireless HD Surveillance Camera, Coming April 15th For $199

We don't get to talk about FLIR much on an Android blog, but that Seek thermal camera was neat, right? Now FLIR is releasing another consumer-level imaging solution, but this time it's taking on the home surveillance market with the FLIR FX. This $199 camera has all the bells and whistles of the competition, and then some.

The similarly priced Dropcam is probably the most well-known competition for FLIR, but the FX seems to have a few advantages. For one, it can record to a microSD card if you don't want to deal with the cloud or subscriptions. FLIR has also created a feature called RapidRecap that lets you review hours of footage in a minute by speeding up and overlaying frames.

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