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Flipboard expands into video with new Flipboard TV, a Galaxy S20 timed exclusive (Update: Launching)

Everyone is moving to video, and that includes news aggregator Flipboard. Today the company has announced that it's releasing a new service called Flipboard TV to supplement its existing video efforts. It will run $3 a month (following a free trial) and include curated video content across a variety of topics from over 100 publishers. Only a handful of folks can enjoy it at launch, though, as Flipboard TV will also be a timed exclusive for the Samsung's brand-new Galaxy S20 when it lands on March 6th.

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Flipboard revamps its technology category with more curated content, private team magazines, and more

According to Flipboard, the technology category is one of its most-read sections. So, it's giving the tech feed a redesign with new features and more content. It's rolling out now to everyone with a personal magazine in the technology category.

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Flipboard releases v4.0, a massive update that hones in on personalization with smart magazines

I have a weird relationship with news apps, constantly switching between different things and never really feeling comfortable with anything. Flipboard was one of the first apps I tried for this purpose, and while I haven't used it in ages, I still like it. Today Flipboard is launching a major redesign, v4.0, focused on smart personalization and magazines.

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Flipboard reaches 500 Million installs on the Play Store

I don't "read" news anymore. If you saw what my Gmail inbox looks like every morning, you'd understand why reading something, anything really, other than the 300 or so emails we get at Android Police every day is a bit of an optimistic dream that I stopped entertaining a long time ago. I do listen to news though, in the form of podcasts that I've cherry-picked to my preferences and that I enjoy while driving or walking.

Back when I did read the news though, Flipboard was something I liked. It had a beautiful magazine-style approach, interesting articles and curated collections, and a large user base, which is crucial when your whole news network relies on user interactions and content too.

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Flipboard adds Google Smart Lock for Passwords support

For quite a while now, Google has been waging war against the age-old password. Whether that be with fingerprint readers, face unlock, or the Trust API, it's something many of us take for granted. News magazine reader Flipboard has added Google Smart Lock support to its app, meaning your account's password will be automatically remembered by Google Play Services. Therefore, as long as you use Chrome or Android connected to a Google account, Flipboard will not require a password to log in, instead remembering it from before (hopefully).

In practice, Smart Lock for Flipboard works almost exactly the same as it does for services like Netflix, which has had Smart Lock since last year (I seriously thought it was longer than that).

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Flipboard Updated To v3.2 With Collaborative Magazine Creation, One-Step Twitter Sign-In, And More

Flipboard allows you to create a constantly changing news magazine from your social feeds, and it's getting a little bit more social today with the update to v3.2. This update makes it possible to share a magazine with other people, get their attention on Twitter, and more right from the app.

2015-03-19 10.19.57 2015-03-19 10.21.27 2015-03-19 10.20.31

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Flipboard Expands Its Curated News Service To The Desktop With New Website

Since its launch in 2010 (on iOS, natch), Flipboard has been strictly mobile-only. Even after it expanded to Android a couple of years ago, users could only ever view and manage their feeds via a phone or tablet. It made sense: the whole point of Flipboard is that the service reformats stories for easy mobile reading and wraps them in a touch-friendly interface. But all that changes today - you can now read your Flipboard stories and feeds on If you really must.


To be perfectly honest, there isn't much point to Flipboard on the web. It gives you a magazine-style homepage with formatting that looks like a lot of fancy news aggregators these days.

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Flipboard Topics Are Live For Readers In The UK And India

Oh Flipboard, you had me at "Indian Food." Then you lost me at "Royal Baby." Then I liked you again when you mentioned "Fish and Chips." But I hate you now because you only want to be friends with British and Indian people. I'll have you know, some subjects are international. But you, dear reader, don't have to stand next to me in this feud, especially if you live in one of these two countries since you should be able to benefit from Flipboard's new Topics feature.

Launched this past October, Topics was only available to U.S and Canadian readers, allowing them to narrow down their interest scope to specific subjects instead of general tags.

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Flipboard Updated To v3 With 30,000 New Topics To Follow, New Design, And More

There sure have been a lot of material updates lately, but this is not one of them. The new version of Flipboard is nothing to sneeze at, though. It brings a ton of new topics to follow, an updated look, and different ways to find interesting stories. There's even some special stuff to make the phone experience better.

2014-10-30 19.14.04 2014-10-30 19.12.53 2014-10-30 19.22.16

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Flipboard Will Now Show You Video Ads, But Thankfully They Won't Autoplay

Your Flipboard experience is going to change a little bit today. Users of the social-magazine-thing are going to start seeing full-screen video ads, which Flipboard kindly describes as "a deeper brand moment." It's not as annoying as it seems at first, though.

2014-09-15 18.45.31 2014-09-15 18.46.06

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