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Hopper App Update Lets You Book Flights, Save Payment Information, And Store Traveler Profiles

Hopper is a mobile app whose primary goal in life is to save you money on airplane tickets. Enter when and where you're flying, then wait for the app to come up with the most affordable way of making your trip. The journey may involve leaving in the middle of the night and waiting longer than you'd like, but hey, you're saving money on your flight. With the latest update, this piece of software will help you book it too.

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Hopper For Android Predicts Airline Prices To Help You Get The Best Deal On Your Next Trip

Look, you're going to have to deal with the TSA, baggage fees, and all sorts of other junk to hop a flight, so why not make paying for the ticket a little less painful at least? Hopper might be able to help. It came to iOS a few months ago, and now it's on Android. Just tell it when you're flying and to where, then Hopper figures out when you should buy.

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Google Maps Adds Search Shortcut For Easy Access To Reservations, Flights, And Hotel Bookings

A relatively small Google Maps update to v9.8 began rolling out last week, adding batch photo uploads and a way to restrict bookings from showing up in location screens. It turns out there was another secret feature waiting to be shown off. In the latest version, a search for one of four key phrases will pop up results related to your personal bookings. Just try asking for my events, my flights, my hotels, or my reservations to see a short list of personalized results.

2015-05-05 00.38.162015-05-05 00.38.362015-05-05 00.39.11

This functionality is new to Google Maps on Android (confirmed with v9.7.1), but it's not exactly fresh to Google.

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New Google Now 'Flight Price Monitor' Card Will Tell You When A Flight You Are Interested In Drops In Price

Google Now is constantly gaining new abilities that are generally awesome, if a little bit creepy. One such feature, brought to our attention today, is the ability to keep track of flight prices.

This is another automatic feature whereby Google infers your intention and presents useful info on that basis. In this case, if you are eyeing a flight or itinerary through Google Flights (it does not appear that this works with other travel booking sites right now), Google will make a note of that and drop a helpful card into your Google Now screen to let you know when the price of that flight changes.

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[APK Teardown] [Update: Art Project Is A Google Site!] Google Search 2.3 - New Features For Flights, And What The Heck Is 'Art Project'?

The Google Search app just got updated, so that means it's teardown time! I still rip into every interesting Google update, but I only write an article when I find something interesting. Things have been slim lately, I know, but today there's good news! I found stuff.

Google Search is the hardest app teardown to do. You can never really be sure if what you've found is in the app or not, because everything is so predictive and context heavy. So I'll just aim for "new stuff that's not in the change log." If you find any of this in the actual app, let me know.

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Expedia Android App Receives Major Update To v2.0, Now Includes Flights As Well As Hotel Data

Happy holiday traveling season, everyone! Ten bucks says that, if you have plans to visit friends and family out of state this year, you don't really have ten bucks to waste on silly internet bets. For those about to make a vacation expedition, Expedia would like you to know that it has renovated its Android app with a nice new UI and flight searches and tracking to help you find the best deals.

expedia1 expedia2 expedia3

In addition to air travel accommodations, Expedia also helps you find hotel rooms and offers up customer reviews. The new interface is pretty slick, too. It even has a handy tablet UI, for those of you who are making your plans on your shiny new Nexus 10.

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Mobiata's FlightTrack App Goes Free, And It's Prettier Than A Pan Am Stewardess

Look, no one likes flying. No one. With the possible exception of that guy who's racked up a billion airline miles and takes a round trip from JFK to Dubai just to get free cocktails. But since you've got to fly now and then, it's nice to have an aesthetically enjoyable way of keeping tabs on your flights and connections. Mobiata has a new, free version of the FlightTrack app, which is more than you can say for the dry sandwiches on your last non-stop Delta flight. And more than that, it's actually pretty awesome - this is easily the most visually appealing app of its kind on the Google Play Store.

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[New App] SeatGuru Arrives On Android So You Can Fly In Style With Better Airline Seating

If you're a frequent traveler, you have no doubt heard about SeatGuru. This is a wonderful service that helps you figure out which seat will be the best on your next flight. At long last SeatGuru has released an Android app so you can get this invaluable information on the go.

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2012-07-31 18.55.38 2012-07-31 18.56.29 2012-07-31 18.57.09

SeatGuru allows you to pull up a seat map for any plane by entering the flight number or browsing based on your itinerary. The map is interactive, allowing you to tap on each block of seats to get the relevant details. Is there a power outlet?

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American Airlines Rolls Out Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 To Premium Cabins, Offering Over 70 Movies, Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones For A "World-Class" Experience

American Airlines began rolling out Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablets to premium cabins today, giving premium passengers innumerable ways to pass time on long flights. The initial rollout sounds quite impressive, covering select transcontinental and other domestic flights, and offering 70 movies on top of the Tab's numerous other entertainment options.


In addition to the rich entertainment experience provided by the Tab, First and Business Class customers will have access to Bose QuietComfort 15 Acoustic Noise Cancelling headphones, which should drown out any distractions for a slightly more pleasant flight.

Overall the addition of the Tab to American's flights sounds great, but Rob Friedman, American's Vice President of Marketing, made sure to note that this is only one of many enhancements offered by American Airlines in a continuing effort to "modernize the travel experience," adding "today’s news is the latest in a series of investments we’ve made in our focus on product and service enhancements for our premium customers, and we know they will be delighted with the contemporary entertainment experience of the tablet."

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Travelocity Comes To Android, Brings Another Way To Plan Trips From The Palm Of Your Hand

There are a variety of apps in the Market designed to help those who travel a lot get the best deal on hotels, air fair, round-trips, and more. Now Travelocity joins those ranks, so all the gnome-loving fanatics out there can rejoice while booking their next trip.

Travelocity covers the gamut of travel needs - all the deals that you're used to getting from the website can now be accessed on the go through the official app on-the-go. You can easily find and book a hotel, score a cheap flight and, once you make your way to your destination, use Travelocity to find restaurants, events, and even see what's happening with the night life.

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