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Flickr has been acquired by photo-sharing service SmugMug

Flickr announced yesterday that it's entered into an agreement to be acquired from Oath Inc. by photo-sharing and image hosting platform SmugMug. Flickr currently has no plans to change its service following the acquisition.

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Flickr app updated with option to sign up without a Yahoo account

Yahoo is going through some changes right now. Not necessarily the good kind, either. Verizon is buying a chunk of the company, and the rest is changing its name to Altaba. So, there are some changes in the Flickr app, which Yahoo has been accused of neglecting in recent years. For the first time in several years, you can sign into Flickr without a Yahoo account.

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Palabre 2.0 Gets A Visual Overhaul And Adds More News Providers Like Twitter, Inoreader, The Old Reader, And An SDK For Developers

When Google Reader got shut down a few years ago, I was in disarray. My entire work system relied on having an easy one-stop site to check all the news and articles that have been recently published instead of having to visit each source to check it out. As alternatives started spanning out, I tested a couple until I settled on Inoreader because it embodied everything Google Reader was (fast, reliable, simple, handy with keyboard shortcuts) without the bells and whistles of magazine views and images that often hindered my workflow.

The problem remains however that, unlike Feedly, Inoreader doesn't have a huge choice of Android apps.

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Flickr 4.0 Introduces Auto-Uploadr (For Photos And Videos), Camera Roll, A New Look, And More

Magically uploading every photo you take on your phone isn't a new feature these days. The major cloud storage providers all prompt you to fill their servers with shots of your lunches, vacations, and nudes. Now you can add Flickr to the list with the release of version 4.0.

Except this isn't actually the first time Flickr has announced the new feature for Android. The feature originally known as Auto Sync is now named the Auto-Uploadr (those pesky e's). Okay, it isn't just a rebranding. You now have the ability to automatically upload videos as well.

This move coincides with the launch of Uploadr for Windows and Mac. You

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Flickr Updated To v3.2.2 With Tagging Users, Better Photo Organization, And More

The Flickr app got a substantial redesign not long ago, and it's not bad. The new version brings some additional features, including something mysterious and "sparkly." I'm not sure what that means, but there are some other, less cryptic features as well.

2015-02-12 10.53.12 2015-02-12 10.53.45 2015-02-12 10.54.10

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Flickr Update Brings Two-Column Layout For Tablets Plus Improved Sharing, Cropping, And Lightbox View For Everyone

Flickr has updated its Android offering with a series of improvements, most notably a more appropriate two-column view in the activity feed for tablet users. Beyond the widescreen-specific feature addition, there are also enhancements to sharing within the app, cropping previously uploaded photos, and browsing with a fullscreen lightbox view.

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Flickr App Hits Version 3.1.2, Gets Some New Stuff

So, last week was IFA. Since there was all sorts of crazy device announcements and whatnot happening, we didn't have a ton of time to cover app updates. No fear, we still had eyes on everything that was happening on the Play Store (or at least most). Among those things was a Flickr update.

This bumps the app up to 3.1.2 and brings some new stuff. Since "stuff" is pretty vague, here's a more detailed list:

3.1.2 :

  • Search your photos, albums, groups, and people you follow.
  • Edit your cover photo on phone, and edit description, website, cover photo on tablet.
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Flickr Update 3.1 Adds Album Sharing, Tag Editing, And Other Features From The Web Service

Yahoo property Flickr doesn't have the most advanced Android app around, but it's slowly adding features from the popular website into its mobile interface. The recent upgrade from 3.0.3 to 3.1 brings a handful of changes, most notably the ability to share full albums directly from the app. You can now send initiations over Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr (of course), or old-fashioned email and text messages.

2014-06-08 05.28.53 2014-06-08 05.25.03 2014-06-08 05.25.33

If you're an administrator on one of Flickr's photo groups, you can now invite other people to add their photos to the pool from within the app. You don't need to be an administrator to edit your own photos, which now include options for tags, safety level (for age filtering), and location from the standard information screen.

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Flickr App Updated To v3.0 With Video Capture, Auto-Tagging, And Simplified Navigation

The Flickr app is getting a makeover today as it hits version 3.0. The company is concentrating on improving the experience with easier searching and a better overall interface, but there's a big new feature too – video capture. There's even this snazzy video showing off the new app.

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Yahoo! Weather Android App Gets A Facelift Focusing On Flickr Photos

The built-in weather reports in Android are still a bit basic, Google Now notwithstanding. That's probably why the Yahoo! Weather app has more than five million downloads: a combination of solid weather stats, multiple cities, and a variety of widgets have won it plenty of fans. Today the app gets a significant update, adding a handful of new features and synergistically bringing Yahoo's Flickr property front and center.

2013-08-15 13.22.31 2013-08-15 13.50.54 2013-08-15 13.51.06

Curated Flickr photos were available in the app before, but now they're the main attraction, expanding to fill the screen in just about every part of the interface. Yahoo! Weather will pull relevant and contextual photos from Flickr's Project Weather based on your location, or the ones that you manually set for alternate cities or zip codes in the main app or homescreen and lockscreen widgets.

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