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Feeling flat, musicians? Google Home can play you a key - just ask it (update: it's really broken)

Here's a Google Home trick we haven't seen really publicized: the Assistant in Home can play you a six-note scale in any key. (Note: This does not seem to work on the Pixel Assistant. Sigh. Correction: See update, this is just really broken in general, unfortunately.) Just tell Home to play you any key - for example, "play me a B sharp" - and the Assistant will respond with an ascending six-note scale. Neat.

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Motorola, Why Must You Torture Me With These Two Clear Shots Of The Perfectly Round Moto 360 Without The Flat Tire Look?

I think everyone knows by now that Motorola had to make a few sacrifices with the Moto 360, one of which I personally still notice every time I wear it - the flat tire look. The small blacked out area on the bottom of the watch contains the ambient sensor and a few other components that didn't fit elsewhere in this design, at least in the amount of time the company had to deliver the first iteration to consumers.

I know some of you will tell me that you stopped noticing it ages ago, and it's not a problem, but to me, it still is - every time I see a watchface that doesn't adjust for the inverted hump, I'm reminded of the shortcoming.

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Pandora Gets A Big Flat Redesign In Version 5.5

Pandora is currently rolling out a redesigned version of its Android app that may just cause more than a few double takes. The Internet radio service has looked largely the same on Android for a few years now, but the UI introduced in 5.5 is strikingly different - at first, at least. This change is stark, but it's only surface deep.

What's New?

The Pandora app has been stripped of its blue gradients. In there place we see solid whites and grays supplemented by blue text and borders. The screen for currently playing music is drastically different from Pandora's old look, though it may bring back memories of Google's Honeycomb music app or Microsoft's Zune.

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