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Samsung starts manufacturing 512 GB eUFS chips for mobile devices

Samsung is one of the best - if not the best - solid state/flash storage manufacturers on the planet. They make SSDs for desktops and laptops, flash storage for phones and tablets, and much more. Today, the company announced that it started production of 512GB eUFS flash storage chips, designed for use in phones, tablets, and other mobile devices.

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Kingston announces 1TB and 2TB flash drives, because why not

Since the very first disc drive, the 5MB IBM 350, storage has only become cheaper, smaller, and more plentiful. Today at CES, Kingston Digital announced the DataTraveler Ultimate Generation Terabyte (that's a mouthful) flash drives, which will be sold in both 1TB and 2TB configurations.

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Samsung Electronics Announces A 128GB eMMC Flash Storage Module For Mid-Range Phones And Tablets

While the headline might seem familiar with the same keywords of Samsung producing 128GB flash storage modules, this story is different from the previous one. Last month, Samsung announced a 128GB storage based on the new and anticipated UFS 2.0 standard and targeted for flagship high-end devices — it made its debut in the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. This new module, however, is based on the established eMMC standard and it will appear in mass market mid-range devices.


If you missed the previous explanation about the difference between eMMC and UFS, you should know that eMMC is the de-facto standard for storage on smartphones right now.

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[Deal Alert] Sony Flash Storage Is Mega-Cheap For Today's Amazon Gold Box Deal

So, you've got a lot of stuff that doesn't fit on your phone? If you're lucky enough to have a microSD card slot, that's easy to fix. Amazon's Gold Box deal today features Sony flash storage, but not just microSD cards.

2015-01-29 11_13_53-Gold Box Deals _ Today's Deals -

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[Deal Alert] Amazon Gold Box Has PNY MicroSD Cards On Sale: 64GB For $35 And More

Boy, whoever picks those Amazon Gold Box sale items sure likes flash storage. It seems like at least once a week they've got a fire sale on SD cards, flash drives, and other descendants of the floppy. Today's sale has PNY-branded cards of both the SD and MicroSD variety, the latter of which will probably interest mobile users.


If you just need a little extra storage for some music and photos, the 16GB MicroSD card is $9.99, half off from a retail price of $20. The 32GB version, normally $35, is now just $16.99 (again, half off). And if you'd like to carry your entire collection of pirated Disney Blu-rays in one go, the 64GB MicroSDXC card is $34.99, with a slightly less dramatic $20 discount.

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