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Samsung begins mass production of super-fast 512GB eUFS 3.0 storage modules for smartphones

The march of progress never stops. Just a few years ago, it was impressive for phones to offer 128GB of internal storage, and your next smartphone might have much more room. Samsung announced today that it has started mass production of its super-fast 512GB eUFS 3.0 flash memory modules, intended for use in phones and other portable electronics.

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PNY 2019 lineup includes updated 512GB MicroSD card and a new USB-C flash drive

In the summer of 2018, PNY became only the second company to release a 512GB MicroSD card (and the first to go on sale in the US). The company is back with an updated model, as well as several flash drives including a USB Type-C option.

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[Deal Alert] PNY MicroSD Cards And Other Flash Memory Up To 70% Off For Today's Amazon Deal Of The Day

I'm a fan of microSD card slots. I know, I know, there's absolutely no reason to have this debate right now. You either prefer to have expandable memory or you don't particularly care.

If you're on #TeamGiveMeMoreCheapStoragePlease, then now may be a good time to head over to Amazon.

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[Deal Alert] PNY Flash Memory On Sale Today At Amazon, 128GB MicroSD Card Only $40

Flash memory comes in many different forms. You have microSD cards. You have full size ones. Then there are flash drives. There's expensive, and then there's cheap. I like the latter. If you do too, now's a good time to hit up Amazon.

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[Deal Alert] Sony MicroSD Cards Crazy Cheap On Amazon Today, Including 128GB For Only $43

MicroSD cards are nice. They take a tiny amount of internal memory and supplement it with however much space you need to store whatever you want. And those little plastic squares happen to go on sale all the time.

Today you can get Sony flash memory on Amazon for super cheap.

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[Deal Alert] SanDisk MicroSD Cards, OTG Sticks, And Other Flash Memory Steeply Discounted For Today's Amazon Gold Box Deal

Do you need a microSD card for your phone or tablet? Amazon's got them. Today you can get SanDisk memory cards ranging from 32GB to 128GB. The small side starts at just $11. The maximum offering will cost you $60. Either way, you're looking at saving 35 - 40%.

The SanDisk Ultra cards offer read speeds of up to 48MB/s. The Extreme cards cost a little more, as they go up to 60MB/s. There are also a couple full size Extreme SD cards available on the off chance you have an Android device that accepts the format.


Most of the discounted flash drives won't do your phone any good, but there are a few OTG sticks on sale as well.

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[Deal Alert] Big Transcend Flash Storage Sale On Amazon Today Only, Includes 64GB MicroSD Card For $23

Samsung may have backed away from microSD cards with the Galaxy S6, but other manufacturers are filling in the void. For those of you with an HTC One M9, an LG G4, or any of the other bajillion Android devices with expandable memory, Amazon is currently holding a sale on Transcend storage.

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Today you can get a 32GB card for only $12 or one with twice the storage for $23. This is a few dollars less than what SanDisk and PNY are currently charging for the same capacity, and significantly cheaper than Lexar. Both cards offer transfer speeds of 45MB/s and come with adapters.

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[Deal Alert] PNY MicroSD Cards (16GB-64GB) And Portable Battery Packs (Under $30) Discounted On Amazon Today Only

We know a good number of you rely heavily on microSD cards. Cloud storage is nice, but they serve as something different, perhaps supplementary to physical memory expansion. So if you're in the market for some more cards to stick into your phones or tablets, Amazon has no shortage of flash memory on sale as today's Deal of the Day. PNY MicroSD cards are ranging from $7.49 (16GB - 40MB/sec) to $29.99 (64GB - 90MB/sec), with varying sizes and speed classes to choose from between the two extremes.

Screenshot 2014-11-18 at 9.11.48 AM

PNY also has full-sized SD cards and flash drives for sale, but if you don't need extra storage, the selection doesn't stop there.

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[Deal Alert] Kingston Flash Memory Up To 65% Off With Amazon Goldbox Deal Today

Storage is insanely cheap these days by any traditional standard, and the same will probably be true in the future. Still, it's especially cheap today in particular thanks to Amazon's Goldbox deal. Kingston flash memory is discounted by as much as 65% off list price, and that includes microSD cards that can be plugged into your devices.

2014-04-15 13_11_19-Gold Box Deals _ Today's Deals -

If you just need a simple USB 3.0 flash drive, take a look at the Data Traveler 3.0 – the 32GB is only $12.99 today, or you could go all the way up to 128GB for $56.99. You just need an OTG cable to use them on most devices.

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