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Anker Soundcore Flare and Flare+ portable Bluetooth speakers down to $51 and $80, respectively (up to 20% off)

There's a wide variety of Bluetooth speakers available on the market, but only a few of them offer 360º sound. The list gets even smaller if you're on a budget, but Anker's Soundcore Flare and Flare+ speakers meet these criteria and are even cheaper now that they're on sale, down to $51 and $80, respectively.

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Google announces Flutter 1.0, the first stable release of its cross-platform mobile development toolkit

Yesterday, at a dev-focused event at the Science Museum in London, UK, Google announced the 1.0 release of its cross-platform portable UI toolkit. Flutter has been in development since in 2015 with several betas being going out in the last year and a preview release this summer. It will allow developers to build apps that seamlessly work on both Android and iOS without maintaining separate codebases.

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