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Google Pixel 4 and 4 XL might be codenamed "coral" and "flame"

We've taken our time in covering the lead-up to the Pixel 4 and 4 XL announcements — presumably several months away. Our strongest statement on the developments so far was our editorial about modular clickbait. But we may have more to latch onto from here on out with the revelation of some new aquatic codenames: "coral," "needlefish," and "flame."

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The First Fruits Of The Nuance-Swype Buyout Come To Light: Swype Updated With Dragon Dictation And Improved Language Modeling

Nuance, the company behind Dragon Dictation, bought out Swype almost three months ago, but the results of the deal haven't really been exposed since. No longer -- Swype has just been updated with a "Dragon Flame" key that, when pressed, initiates a voice-to-text system provided by none other than Dragon Dictation. In its current form, it features support for French, Italian, German, and English, with Swype representatives claiming more languages are on the way in 2012.

Additionally, Swype's language modeling algorithm has been improved. What's that mean? In the company's words, this will "increase the accuracy of the suggestions we offer (such as knowing that you mean 'mosh pit' instead of 'mosh pot')." The system analyzes your writing and shapes its predictions around the context of your sentences.

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