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Nike+ Running 1.7 Jogs In With Updated Home And In-Run Screens, Improved Run Setup, And More

The more seat bound and satisfied among our readers may be surprised to know that there are no shortage of Android apps out there that want to track how you run. Actually, maybe not. All that time spent on the computer probably means a greater likelihood of running across this post and the many like it than someone who's out running. Either way, the Nike+ app has managed to reach version 1.7 without spraining something, and it has picked up a few new features along the way.

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Sony Releases Official Companion App For The Unannounced SmartBand 2, Shows Off Heart Rate Sensor

Sony hasn't officially announced a second iteration of its SmartBand activity tracker, but it doesn't have to. It's already done the next best thing. Today it has launched a new companion app into the Play Store that's simply titled SmartBand 2.

The images from the listing give us an idea of what to expect. There's a heart rate monitor on the underside of the band, and one of the screenshots reads: The SmartBand measures your pulse at an even rate through out the day.

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Runtastic 5.9.2 Adds Always-On Mode For Android Wear

And now, we interrupt our Google I/O coverage to bring you this health bulletin.

Runtastic is one of the few apps that are commendable for quickly - really quickly - adapting to any new Android releases, options, or APIs. Today, the app is keeping its track record of jumping head-first into new features by adding an always-on mode for Android Wear watches.


You don't need to do anything for the function to work - that is if your Wear watch is already on Android 5.1.1, which enables always-on mode for apps. When you start a new Runtastic activity, the card will show up on your watch.

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Runtastic Leg Workout Trainer Is Here To Help You Get Those Toned Calves And Quads

Runtastic knows that you'll be sitting on your ass for hours during Google I/O, watching the conference and gorging on all the news, so it decided to release a new app to... taunt you? Or motivate you to get back in shape once I/O is over? Whatever the purpose, Leg Workout Trainer is now available on the Play Store.

Leg Workout Trainer joins the previously released Butt Trainer in bringing a series of muscle-focused (or group of muscles-focused) exercises to your phone in video form, with step-by-step instructions and photos.

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Adidas Releases An Android Companion App For Its $200 'Smart' Soccer Ball

Remember those baseballs that measured pitch speed with a little LCD screen right on the ball, the ones that only the rich kids on your little league team had? This is the modern, logical extension. For the last year, Adidas has been selling its Smart Ball, a soccer ball (or football, if you insist) with integrated sensors that can detect speed, spin, strike force, and flight time, and a Bluetooth radio to transmit all that data.

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New Zombies, Run! v4.0 Shifts To Free-To-Play Subscription Model, Offers Legacy Users Some Perks

Zombies, Run! has been on Android for ages. It was actually brought to life by a Kickstarter campaign back in 2011 and started hitting devices the following year. It has been a premium game this whole time with a $4 price tag, but now Zombies, Run! is free-to-play with a subscription model. Don't worry if you already bought it, the developers aren't leaving you in the dust.

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Google Fit v1.52 Brings Distance Tracking, Calorie Estimates, A New Widget, And A Watch Face [APK Download]

Google Fit users, it's time to get off your butts and update the activity-tracking app. Version 1.52 has rolled into the Play Store, and it's ready to hit the gym with a new set of clothes and one of those fancy wristbands.

What's New?

For starters, Fit can now track distances and calories. Fire up the app to see how far you've gone and how much you've burned in the process. Google has tweaked the look a bit, and you can now group your fitness history by days, weeks, and months.

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Atari Releases Multiplayer Fitness App Packed With Exercises, Activity Logging, And Retro Games

So many companies are invested in activity tracking and fitness right now, why not make a game out of it? So seems to be the thought process behind Atari Fit, a multiplayer exercise-oriented experience from the publishers of the oldest video game console most people care to remember.

How do you gamify fitness? The same way you do anything else. Atari has added ways to up your level and earn coins.

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Jump Rope Wear Counter Tracks Your Jumps, Integrates Sessions With Google Fit

Android Wear devices come with accelerometers, gyroscopes, and heart rate monitors so that when wearers do active things, the devices can at least attempt to track what's going on. Jump Rope Wear Counter is an Android Wear app that tries to count your jumps while jumping rope, display how many calories you've burned, and sync the information to Google Fit. For the most part, it works.


There isn't really much to Jump Rope Wear Counter, but after trying it out for a bit, I can confirm that it's mostly accurate.

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Microsoft Health Gets MapMyFitness And HealthVault Integration In Latest Update

Microsoft Health is that tech giant's preferred way for people to track information pertaining to their fitness and, well, health. The app serves as the companion to a $200 arm band that is worth a look thanks to its support for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone alike.


Following through on an earlier promise, the Android app plays along with MapMyFitness, one of the more popular workout apps to be found in the Play Store.

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