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Runtastic Results Will Give You Runtastic Results Through A 12-Week Strength Training Plan, As Long As You Pay $10 A Month

You want to become a rock hard slab of skin and muscle. I hear you, and I understand. Here's a pro-tip, you have a great fitness trainer already floating around in your pocket. Look at it. That flat, hard sheet of glass. That chiseled frame. Your phone is in great physical shape, and it knows just what to do to help you get there.

First, download Runtastic Results. This is the latest release from Runtastic, and those guys make good software for people who prefer the thought of training at home rather than going to the nearby gym. In the past we've covered their approach to running (go figure), riding bikes, and getting those six-pack abs.

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Samsung's S Health App Updated To Support Non-Samsung Devices

Fitness tracker apps are a dime a dozen in the Play Store, but few are as visible as S Health. This app has tens of millions of installs because it comes bundled on all newer Samsung phones, and now it's available to everyone else. The latest update expands support to just about any device.


Google Fit Website Gets A Big Material Design Update

Did you visit Google Fit's website back when the service first launched? It was a bare bones affair. The screen was mostly gray, and you were presented with the same information you saw inside the app, only tucked away on the left side of the screen. There really wasn't much reason to pay it any attention, so we didn't.

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Spotify Running Officially Rolls Out To Android Users Starting Today

Spotify Running has been available for quite some time now, first on iOS, but also for Android users who signed up for beta updates. These folks got to try things out back in June. Now Spotify has officially announced the feature's availability for regular premium subscribers with Android devices.

This makes Android's launch a full four months after Spotify Running came to Apple's mobile platform. As for whether this was a long wait, well, we've certainly seen longer.

Spotify Running prompts you to select a tempo when you start running. It will try to provide music that matches your adrenaline level and music preferences at the same time.

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Moto Body Makes Its Way To The Play Store, Provides More Detailed Fitness Stats From Your Moto 360 On Your Phone

Moto 360 owners have been enjoying a Moto Body application on their watch since the Motorola Connect update in November 2014. The app, however, was limited to the confines of the small screen on their wrist, providing daily steps, calories, and activity data, but with no weekly or monthly stats. That changes today with the dedicated Moto Body application that has hit the Play Store.

The app isn't a Motorola exclusive — it is compatible with various brands of Android devices, as long as the phone runs Android 4.3 and up. But it will only install the Wear component on a Moto 360, so you won't be able to use it on other smartwatches.

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Athletic Apparel Producer Adidas Buys Fitness App Maker Runtastic For Over $200 Million

Adidas, the company that made your pair of gym shoes and track pants, has purchased Runtastic. It reportedly paid around $239 million to close the deal.

Around these parts, Runtastic is known for having produced a series of great fitness-related apps. There's Runtastic's running app that got the ball rolling, and there are a couple of cycling ones that do the same thing for bikes. Then there are dedicated offerings for pull-ups, push-ups, sit-ups, and squats. Some of Runtastic's apps hone in on specific body parts, such as Butt Trainer, Leg Workout, and Six-Pack Abs.

In a blog post, Runtastic says it will remain its own entity within the Adidas Group.

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Sony's Smart B-Trainer Headset For Runners Will Become Available In The US Sometime This Fall

Sony announced the Smart B-Trainer at this year's CES as part of its continued efforts to log your life. This fitness-oriented device isn't the wrist band you might expect. Instead, it's a headset. Now Sony has provided a few more details, including a launch time frame. The Smart B-Trainer is scheduled to hit the US this fall.

The SSE-BTR1 headphone-integrated device comes with six sensors. There's a barometer and gyroscope, along with the tech required to measure your acceleration, cardinal direction, GPS location, and heart rate.

The companion app lets you log your runs. This means tracking how far you ran, how long you took, how high you went, how many steps, how quickly you moved, how many calories you burned in the process, and a number of other measurements.

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HTC Decides Not To Release The Grip Fitness Band In Its Current Form, Plans To Launch Something Better Later This Year

Think back to this year's Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Remember when HTC announced the Grip? It was an activity tracker that looked just like any other fitness band, particularly Microsoft's.

According to Engadget, the product was originally slated to launch in Spring, but now Summer is here, and HTC has decided not to release it at all. At least, not in the form we've seen.

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Fitbit Shares Rise 50% On First Day Of Trading, Valuing Company At Over Six Billion Dollars

You can make a lot of money producing fitness bracelets. Fitbit has gone public, and it has thoroughly exceeded expectations on its first day on the stock market. The San Francisco-based company opened and closed today with shares priced roughly 50% above its initial public offering of $20. Fitbit currently sits at $29.68 a share, leaving it with a value of over $6 billion.

Screenshot 2015-06-18 at 6.42.08 PM

This is no small feat for a company that released the Flex in 2013 and has followed up with only a few variations since then (including one that was later recalled). Fitbit continues to hold on to more of the activity tracking market than any of its competitors, including the likes of Jawbone, Samsung, Microsoft, Google, and Apple.

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Nike+ Running 1.7 Jogs In With Updated Home And In-Run Screens, Improved Run Setup, And More

The more seat bound and satisfied among our readers may be surprised to know that there are no shortage of Android apps out there that want to track how you run. Actually, maybe not. All that time spent on the computer probably means a greater likelihood of running across this post and the many like it than someone who's out running. Either way, the Nike+ app has managed to reach version 1.7 without spraining something, and it has picked up a few new features along the way.

This release comes with an updated home screen. When you sign-in, you will now see a leaderboard preview at the bottom that compares your runs to those of your friends, assuming you know people who also use the app.

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