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Fitbit's upcoming smartwatch leaks with ugly design and potentially improved fitness sensors

Fitbit took mercy on Pebble last year, acquiring parts of the company when it came crashing down last year. While Fitbit isn't building any more Pebbles, it is in the process of creating a new Fitbit smartwatch. A few images have leaked before, but the latest round of leaks show this watch off from every (ugly) angle.

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Leaks of Fitbit's latest watch show the spirit of the 80s is alive at Fitbit

It looks like Fitbit's latest smatwatch has been leaked today. The writers over at Yahoo Finance managed to get ahold of some images of the new device, and it's very unique looking, with a brightly colored square beveled-edge aluminum unibody design, a textured rubber strap, and knurled buttons. It certainly sets itself apart from most other wearables.

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Runtastic's new app is all about healthy recipes and its name is... Runtasty

When I think of Runtastic, I think of an app that I install on every phone fully intending to use it. Unfortunately, I completely forget about it and end up uninstalling it when I go through a regular purge of my drawer. What I don't think of is cooking food (at least in regards to the app itself), but here we are with Runtastic's latest: Runtasty.

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Google Calendar goals now have Google Fit integration [APK Download]

For a while now, Google Calendar has let you add goals so you can keep track of your efforts at self-improvement. One of the most popular uses (especially this time of year) is exercise goals. In the latest version of Calendar, you can plug in Google Fit to automatically complete your goals.

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[Deal Alert] Grab a Samsung Gear Fit2 from Amazon for $129.99 ($50 off)

In the market for a fitness tracker with a touchscreen? If you don't particularly fancy the frequently-discounted Moto 360 Sport, perhaps the Gear Fit2 and its less smartwatch-inspired design is more up your alley. Now's a great time to buy, as Amazon is currently taking $50 off the Fit2's $179.99 MSRP, making it $129.99.

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Google Fit v1.57 rolls out with a major visual redesign, improved goals, and a configurable widget [APK Download]

It's been a long time since we last saw an update to Google Fit, but after some subtle hints during the Android Wear presentations during Google I/O, it was fairly obvious something big was in the works. An update to v1.57 just started rolling out and it may just be the start of a whole new Fit. There are huge changes to the look and at least a few changes to features.

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Food Logging Is Old School: 'Eat This Much' Plans Your Meals Ahead Based On Dietary Preferences And Fitness Goals

If you've used MyFitnessPal or any other kind of food logging app, you'd know that it can be daunting to log every single thing you eat. And if you've tried to follow diets to lose weight or build muscle, you'd know that there are so many strategies and that implementing them takes a lot of work and time especially when you take on the impossible task of finding adequate recipes and organizing them in a way that makes sense. Having lived through both scenarios, I am completely drawn to Eat This Much's concept.

Instead of painstakingly logging what you ate and discovering at the end of the day that you didn't meet your goal, or browsing through thousands of recipes trying to find the ones that seem to fit your goal, you just tell Eat This Much what your dietary preference and fitness goals are, and it uses its smarts to automate everything and take the guesswork out of meal planning.

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Runkeeper Becomes Next Mobile Fitness App To Get Acquired By An Athletics Company (This Time It's ASICS)

A number of fitness-oriented apps popped up over the past few years and attracted users with ways to track their workouts. Whether it's counting calories or mapping out runs, people have embraced the concept by the millions.

Athletic companies have picked up on this. Last year we watched Under Armour purchase MyFitnessPal and Endomondo. Months later, Adidas scooped up Runtastic. Now ASICS is buying FitnessKeeper, the company behind Runkeeper, for an as of yet undisclosed amount.

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HTC And Under Armour Return With The HealthBox—A Scale, Activity Tracker, And Heart Rate Monitor That Cost $400 Altogether

At last year's Mobile World Congress, HTC and Under Armour announced the Grip, a fitness tracker that would never appear on store shelves. HTC scrapped the product to work on something better—its words, not ours. At this year's CES, HTC and Under Armour are back to show us what better means.

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Misfit Cycling, Companion App To The New Misfit Flash Cyclist Edition, Arrives On Android

Misfit's popular Flash activity tracker was recently released in a special Cyclist edition, which has a similar price to the original at just $50 but adds a key sensor of interest for those who ride bicycles: cadence. The only "catch" when it comes to fitness sensors like this is that you need software to interpret the data for you. Today's release of the Misfit Cycling app for Android provides just that.

Misfit Cycling is designed as a standalone app for use as a workout tracker, providing real-time GPS and cadence data. For general activity tracking, users will go to the main Misfit app that owners of the original Flash are familiar with.

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