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Huawei Band 2 Pro fitness tracker arrives in the US for $69

As the novelty of smartwatches begins to wear off a little (pun intended), the dust is settling and those companies capable of making passable devices are beginning to become more apparent. Huawei is one of them, and even though the Watch 2 Classic and Watch 2 Sport weren't quite as impressive as had been hoped, they still make for a good introduction to the Android Wear ecosystem if you can get a good deal on them. If you want something a little simpler that's just for sports, Huawei announced the Band 2 Pro fitness tracker earlier in the year with no Android Wear in sight.

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Garmin announces three new wearables, and Garmin Pay for NFC payments

Just a few days ago, Fitbit announced its first true smartwatch, alongside Bluetooth earbuds and a smart scale. But if you prefer Garmin's products, you'll be happy to know that the company just unveiled three new wearables, and a payment platform called Garmin Pay.

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Fitbit's new Alta HR is the 'world's slimmest' fitness tracker with a continuous heart rate sensor

Smartwatches don't seem to be gaining the cultural cachet that Google was hoping they would, but cheaper and more basic fitness monitors continue to do well even among the non-techy crowd. Just ask Fitbit, which is apparently flush enough to buy Pebble lock, stock, and barrel. The company's latest minimalist fitness tracker is the Alta HR, announced today and heading to retailers in April for $149.95. The Alta HR is an upgraded version of the current Alta, which adds a full-time heart rate sensor to the basic design.

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[Deal Alert] Get a Samsung Gear Fit2 for $100 from Verizon ($80 off)

If you're in the market for a fitness tracker, but all the new smartwatches floating around don't excite you, then you might want to check out the deal that Verizon is running. You can pick up the Gear Fit2 for $99.99, which is a nice savings of $80. Oh, and there's free shipping.

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Vapor is Misfit's first touchscreen smartwatch and activity tracker, with only 2 days of battery life

Over the past few years that we've covered Misfit, the company has always been synonymous with simple activity trackers that look nice, have excellent water resistance, are versatile enough to be worn in different ways, work automatically and keep user involvement to a minimum, and are blessed with stellar battery life. Having reviewed both the Shine 2 and Flash, the 6 months battery life on a single CR2032 cell was more than impressive to me.

But that's about to change with the newest entrant to the Misfit line. The Vapor is the company's first colored touchscreen smartwatch/activity tracker. It follows in the steps of the Phase, the analog watch with fitness smarts, but it changes the Misfit formula a lot more.

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Fitbit Blaze review: A great activity tracker that looks like a smartwatch, wants to be a sports watch, and is neither

Activity trackers are not miracle workers. Wearing a Fitbit isn't going to make you healthier, just like buying a piano for the living room won't make you a pianist. They're not going to force you to take a run instead of eating bags of Doritos while binge watching House of Cards for an entire weekend, and they're not magic pills that will do the hard work for you.

Activity trackers, however, are invaluable tools and immense help if you really want to get healthier and/or stay healthy. If you have already made the decision to be more active and it isn't just a spur of the moment, short-lived resolution, then activity trackers can be one more weapon in your arsenal.

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Leak: Samsung Gear Fit 2 Fitness Bracelet And IconX Wireless Earbuds

Remember the Gear Fit? More than two years ago, everyone was excited to check it out because it was the first fitness tracker to feature a curved display that was supposed to hug your wrist and not look completely weird on it. The hype only lasted a couple of months as Samsung released wearable upon wearable dragging the Gear Fit into oblivion by sheer intra-brand competition. It seems that the concept wasn't completely abandoned though as Samsung is gearing up (oh snap!) to release a second generation of the product.

According to Evan Blass (aka Evleaks), the Gear Fit 2 should be more curved and thus more ergonomic to wear, and it'll also have a GPS chipset to allow for more data tracking while running or biking for example.

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[Deal Alert] The Android-Compatible Microsoft Band Fitness Tracker Is $150 ($50 Off) On Amazon

Are you looking for a full-featured fitness tracker on the cheap? Then Amazon has Microsoft's branded Band for $50 off today. That brings the price down to $150, pretty reasonable for a tracker with a full-color screen and a heart monitor built in. (The price from Microsoft's store is already a bit discounted, down to $180.) It comes with free shipping, and Amazon Prime members can get two-day shipping for gratis as well. All three models of the Band, large, medium, and small, get the same discount.

The design of the Microsoft Band is remarkably similar to the Samsung Gear Fit from back in 2014, minus the curved screen.

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Moov Announces 'MOOV NOW,' And It Basically Improves Everything Over The First One

Late last week I took a look at Moov and its cycling app for Android. I had a few things to critique about the unit (which isn't unusual), like its inability to connect with external heart rate monitors. It appears that Moov was already working on something that would fix essentially everything I found "wrong" with the first one, because it just announced MOOV NOW, and it looks like it'll be better in basically every way. Here are just a few things it can do over the existing model:

Features and Benefits of MOOV NOW™:

  • Customizable: MOOV NOW™ is available in Stealth Black, Blizzard White, Aqua Blue and Fusion Red colors.
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Jawbone And American Express Announce UP4, A Wearable Fitness Tracker With Mobile Payments Sprinkled On Top

If you were wondering how long it would take the influence of the Apple Watch to be felt on the rest of the wearable world, the answer is "they didn't even wait for the thing to be released." Former Bluetooth headset leader and current wearable fitness also-ran Jawbone really wants to get in on that sweet mobile payment green, so they've partnered with American Express to include contactless payments on their latest fitness tracker, the UP4.


To be fair, the UP4 has charms beyond the ability to pay for your latte with a swipe of your wrist like the cool kids.

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