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Fitbit’s 2020 smartwatch lineup leaks, including the Versa 3 and new Fitbit Sense

Google’s plan to acquire Fitbit has come under fire for the potential misuse of users’ health data, stalling the deal announced in November. In the meantime, Fitbit is continuing to work on its smartwatch range, and we could see some new product launches pretty soon. A WinFuture report details that Fitbit will add a new high-end timepiece named Sense to its lineup, along with new iterations of the Versa and Inspire series.

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Google's acquisition of Fitbit under review by the Justice Department

Google’s recent agreement to purchase Fitbit has hit a bit of a speed bump as the U.S. Justice Department will be reviewing the transaction for antitrust issues. The deal is valued around $2.1 billion, and several watchdog groups are concerned that the acquisition would give Google unprecedented access to consumer data.

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Sony Officially Introduces The SmartBand 2 Lifelogging Wristband, Hitting Stores In September

Is a leak a leak if it comes directly from Sony? Anyway, we've had reason to know the SmartBand 2 was on its way. We've just been waiting for a time frame. Well, here it is. Today Sony has officially announced its updated fitness band. The SmartBand 2 will go on sale in 60 countries for around 119 Euro starting in September.

The big addition for this year's model is the inclusion of a heart rate monitor. This extra sensor gives the SmartBand 2 the ability to detect your pulse and gauge how quickly your heart is beating. It can then track this information as you walk, run, or workout.

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HTC Decides Not To Release The Grip Fitness Band In Its Current Form, Plans To Launch Something Better Later This Year

Think back to this year's Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Remember when HTC announced the Grip? It was an activity tracker that looked just like any other fitness band, particularly Microsoft's.

According to Engadget, the product was originally slated to launch in Spring, but now Summer is here, and HTC has decided not to release it at all. At least, not in the form we've seen.

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Fitbit Shares Rise 50% On First Day Of Trading, Valuing Company At Over Six Billion Dollars

You can make a lot of money producing fitness bracelets. Fitbit has gone public, and it has thoroughly exceeded expectations on its first day on the stock market. The San Francisco-based company opened and closed today with shares priced roughly 50% above its initial public offering of $20. Fitbit currently sits at $29.68 a share, leaving it with a value of over $6 billion.

Screenshot 2015-06-18 at 6.42.08 PM

This is no small feat for a company that released the Flex in 2013 and has followed up with only a few variations since then (including one that was later recalled). Fitbit continues to hold on to more of the activity tracking market than any of its competitors, including the likes of Jawbone, Samsung, Microsoft, Google, and Apple.

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HTC Announces The Grip, A $199 GPS Fitness Tracker In Partnership With Under Armour

Remember when HTC announced a partnership with Under Armour for an Android application and future products? Well, this marriage has carried its first fruit, the HTC Grip. Or maybe it's called the HTC re grip. I don't know, because HTC's branding for this accessory is all over the place.

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Fitbit Starts Shipping The Charge HR And Surge Fitness Bands, Introduces A Few New Features For Existing Users

Towards the end of March, Fitbit announced the Charge HR and Surge, new additions to its activity-tracking family. The Charge HR is an enhanced version of the Charge, just with a heart rate monitor added on (clever). The Surge is the Cadillac version that comes with a giant, black and white touch screen. The former goes for $149.99, while the latter goes for a hundred bucks more. Both are now shipping in North America, which a global release soon to follow.

Screenshot 2015-01-07 at 4.15.30 PM

Fitbit is also adding a few enhancements to its fitness platform. Soon owners will be able to link up to five trackers to a single account.

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Hands-On With Runtastic's First Fitness Tracking Band, The Orbit

I've been using Runkeeper to track my cycling activity for the last eight months or so, and it has never really let me down. That said, I'm always on the lookout for new (or improved) ways to monitor my rides outside of my bike's cyclometer, so when Runtastic reached out to me about taking its new fitness tracking band Orbit for a spin, I was down for the challenge. I've had it for the last few weeks, and so far I think it's a good start. It's a new product so there are a few quirks here and there, but for the most part it does what Runtastic designed it to do: track stuff.

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Runtastic Announces 'Orbit,' Its Own Fitness Tracking Gizmo

There are lots of fitness bands to choose from: the Jawbone UP, Fitbit Flex, Nike Fuelband...and many others. If you're a Runtastic user, however, there's a new one on the market that may interest you, the Runtastic Orbit. As you may have already guessed, this one is built from the ground up for use with Runtastic's services – running, cycling, etc. It doesn't yet work with the company's dedicated cycling apps (road biking, mountain biking), but support for those is currently in the works.

3. Orbit Colors Package 1 (1) 4. Orbit Colors Package 2

While I say it's a fitness band, it's actually more than that. The core of the unit is a smaller-ish little gadget which can be placed into either a band or a clip attachment, making it pretty versatile.

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FlyFit, Yet Another Fitness Band (For Your Ankle!), Reaches Kickstarter Funding Goal Of $90,000

It seems we're awash in fitness and activity trackers of late, and Kickstarter has been home to a number of such devices in the past year. FlyFit, another such product, just surpassed its $90,000 funding goal this morning, so backers should hopefully be seeing a product at some point.

FlyFit's primary claim to fame is that it's a fitness tracker designed exclusively to be worn around the ankle, as opposed to the wrist. This, FlyFit says, allows it to more accurately track activities a normal fitness band may not be able to, such as stationary exercise, a la elliptical or bike machines.

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