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Transform your health in 100 days with SOTKA, the free educational fitness app (Sponsored)

As the COVID-19 quarantine keeps a tight grip around most of the globe, staying in shape has grown increasingly more difficult, especially for those who used to frequent the gym several times a week. With many fitness centers severely restricted or closed down entirely, fit fanatics have adopted other regimens — like street workouts, an exercise subculture cofounded by Anton Kuchumov — in order to stay in shape. Keep your body toned and healthy with some help from SOTKA, the free "edufitness" app by Kuchumov himself.

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Mi Fit v4.0 update revamps UI and adds new workout types [APK Download]

Xiaomi's popular Mi Band fitness trackers offer extraordinary bang-for-buck but have been let down by a sub-par app experience that felt rough around the edges. This could change today, as the v4.0 update to Mi Fit brings a brand new UI.

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HTC Research Publishes Fun Fit, A Fitness App That Pits You Against Facebook Friends In Cute Animal Form

Because there clearly weren't enough apps that help you count your steps and/or compare them with your friends, HTC has filled the imperceptible void. Fun Fit is a social fitness app where you and your participating Facebook friends (there are sure to be many!) pick "cute avatars" and compete in the time-honored contest of taking the most steps.

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Despite their recent partnership with Under Armour, this would not seem to be a product of it. Rather than UA's more-serious-than-necessary aesthetic, Fun Fit tends toward the overly cheesy. As a product of HTC Research, it probably won't be part of the standard pre-loaded apps on future HTC phones, like the M9.

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