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Some Fitbit users report trouble syncing with Android 9 Pie

It’s reasonable to expect a few problems when updating to a new operating system, especially when your routine involves third-party apps and accessories. Given the popularity of smart devices and fitness bands, and how much we tend to rely on these devices, we trust manufacturers to maintain compatibility, but this doesn’t always happen perfectly. In the case of Fitbit, a growing number of users have begun complaining that their units will not sync with Android 9 Pie.

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Runtastic and Google Play Music team up to bring you the tunes

While I enjoy working out, I will admit that going without my favorite music makes it much more difficult — especially with cardio. For me, good music equals gains. Equally important, though, is keeping track of progress, but that can often require switching between two or three apps. That is, unless you go old-school and carry a notebook.

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The Misfit Shine Fitness Tracker Now Syncs With The Pebble Smartwatch Through Android

Are you cool enough to strap two wearables to your arms at once? The makers of the Misfit Shine fitness tracker think that you are. The company's new app for the Pebble family of smartwatches allows both devices to stay in sync, but it needs a smartphone in the middle (Android or iPhone) and apps for both the Misfit and the Pebble on the phone, too.

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RunKeeper Gets A Spiffy Material Design UI Refresh In Version 5.3.3

Considering the sheer number of users that RunKeeper has, there must be a considerable crossover between people who love the app and people who want it to conform to Android's visual design style. For however many of those people that there are, today is a good day: the company announced a comprehensive Material Design overhaul for version 5.5.3. It's in the Play Store right now - no need to wait on a rollout.


Old on the left, new on the right.

Runkeeper was kind enough to compare some of the juicier changes to the app with the old version (a move very much appreciated by lazy tech bloggers!).

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HTC And Under Armour Team Up For 'Record' Connected Fitness App And Future Products

Quick, imagine the typical Under Armour customer. Go ahead, I'll wait. Now imagine which phone he or she brings with them to the gym. Are you imagining an HTC One M8? No? Well both companies would probably like you to, at least after their joint announcement at CES. HTC has joined up with the well-known clothing brand for a cross-promotional program centered on Under Armour Connected Fitness, a health tracking service that's comparable to Nike Plus and other competitors.

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The first step is Under Armour Recourd Record, an iOS app that's been ported over to Android and is now available on the Google Play Store.

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