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Some Fitbit users report trouble syncing with Android 9 Pie

It’s reasonable to expect a few problems when updating to a new operating system, especially when your routine involves third-party apps and accessories. Given the popularity of smart devices and fitness bands, and how much we tend to rely on these devices, we trust manufacturers to maintain compatibility, but this doesn’t always happen perfectly. In the case of Fitbit, a growing number of users have begun complaining that their units will not sync with Android 9 Pie.

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Fitbit Introduces The Alta, A Motivational And Fashion-Oriented Fitness Band Coming In March (Now Up For Pre-Order)

Fitbit is crushing the activity tracking game. Just absolutely crushing it. And when a company is winning this hard, it doesn't like the idea of losing. Bigger competitors keep trying to eat its lunch. Other rivals keep trying to make something prettier. Smartphone makers think they should get in on this action. But Fitbit doesn't sweat the competition. It only sweats from all the jogging it's doing back and forth to the bank.

Fitbit has found success by releasing a bunch of products, so it's keeping that up. The company's newest thing you will soon be able to strap to your wrist is the Fitbit Alta.

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