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The Room: Old Sins is officially available on the Play Store

After a rocky beta last week I am happy to report that Fireproof Games have officially released The Room: Old Sins on the Play Store. This is the fourth entry in their graphic adventure series, and you can grab it right now for $4.99. This time around you'll explore an elaborate dollhouse as you follow obscure clues and manipulate bizarre contraptions in the search for an important artifact.

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'The Room: Old Sins' public Android beta is live!

Three months ago Fireproof Games released The Room: Old Sins on iOS with a pending release for Android slated for April 19th. Well, the wait is finally over as the public beta is available on the Play Store right now for $4.99. Just like the previous three titles you are going to be solving plenty of puzzles by following obscure clues and manipulating bizarre 3D contraptions as you try to uncover the mysteries of the game.

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'The Room: Old Sins' set to release on Android April 19

The Room developer Fireproof Games announced Wednesday that the fourth installment in the series, Old Sins, will release on Android on Wednesday, April 19. You may actually get a chance to play it earlier, though—the game still needs to go through more testing, and Fireproof says information about the beta program "will be announced as soon as we have confirmed dates."

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'The Room: Old Sins' developer explains delay in Android release

The Room: Old Sins released on iOS back in January. The preceding three entries in the acclaimed creepy puzzler series are all available on Android, but Old Sins, so far, is nowhere to be found. Developer Fireproof Games says the Android version is coming, but it might take a while.

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Fireproof Games Plans To Release 'The Room Three' In 2015, Is Already Working On A Samsung Gear VR Exclusive Called 'Omega Agent'

The Room was a phenomenal game when it hit Android last year (after first blowing iOS users' minds in 2012). The sequel, The Room Two (who would have guessed?), continued the stunning 3D puzzle-y goodness. Now developer Fireproof Games has announced that the third entry in the series will come in spring 2015.


Coming shortly after Samsung's Gear VR unveiling, Fireproof Games is also keen to point out that it has an upcoming title already in the works specifically for the virtual reality headset. The game goes by the name of Omega Agent.


The exclusive takes place on a remote island facility where cold-war spies are trained.

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[New Game] The Room - iPad Game Of The Year 2012 - Is Now On The Play Store

While I'm not exactly a big puzzle game buff, The Room has me intrigued. Ornate safes, crazy locks, picking tools, and mysterious symbols - all in a wonderfully crafted 3D experience? It beats the hell out of trying to figure out which way to move a set of colorful blocks. The Room actually made its true Android debut as part of the latest mobile Humble Bundle, but now it's on the Play Store.

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The game has received near-universal critical praise, and was a massive hit on iOS, where it achieved the much-coveted iPad Game Of The Year Award from Apple in 2012.

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