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Firefox is experimenting with blocking website notification requests by default

You know how websites ask for permission to send you notifications all the time, and how you almost never agree to it? Mozilla noticed that too, and has started an experiment in its Firefox Nightly browser build that blocks those requests until users take certain actions on a site.

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Firefox Lockbox lets you access passwords saved in Firefox from outside the browser

Firefox Lockbox, Mozilla's password manager and companion app to the browser of the same name, is now available on Android after being available exclusively on iOS for some time. The app lets you access passwords saved in Firefox from outside the browser.

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[Update: App available] Mozilla Firefox Send lets you share encrypted files privately and for free

Mozilla is one of the champions for internet freedom and privacy – which is part of why I love the company and its work – so it's no surprise that it "graduated" one of its experiments to a full-fledged product. Meet Firefox Send, a free, encrypted file-transfer service.

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[Update: APK available] Mozilla's upcoming browser Fenix packs a new UI and fundamental changes to tab management

Firefox has a hard stand on Android. With a market share of way less than 1 percent, it’s clear that Mozilla needs to do something to breathe new life into its mobile product. However, if you’ve followed Firefox development on Android for the last couple of months, you may have noticed that it’s basically come to a halt. Enter Fenix.

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[Update: Stable release out now] Firefox 66 blocks auto-playing sound by default

Few things are more annoying when browsing the internet than media that plays automatically, particularly if it makes noise. Mozilla is hip to this, and beginning in version 66, its Firefox browser will block automatically-playing audio by default.

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Experimental 'fx_cast' extension brings Chromecast support to Firefox

One of Chrome's most useful features is its Chromecast integration. You can manually cast a tab to your TV, and some sites implement their own Cast button. Google hasn't made this functionality available in other browsers, but at least one person is trying to solve that. Developer Matt Hensman is working on 'fx_cast,' an extension that brings Chromecast support to Firefox.

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[Update: Stable release] Firefox 65 enters beta, adds support for WebP images

Firefox for Android is pretty great these days, and it's about to get a bit better. Firefox 65 just entered the beta channel, and it includes support for a long-awaited web feature — WebP images.

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Firefox's VR web browser now has 360-degree video playback, bookmarks, and more

Back in September, Mozilla unveiled a version of Firefox designed for virtual reality headsets, fittingly named 'Firefox Reality.' It was a bit limited at first, but version 1.1 is now available that fixes many of the browser's initial shortcomings.

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Firefox 63 adds support for Picture-in-Picture and notification channels

Firefox for Android has become significantly better over the past few updates, especially with the new Photon UI and 'Quantum' CSS rendering engine. Version 63 is now available for Android, and it adds a handful of useful features, including support for Picture-in-Picture mode and notification channels.

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Mozilla teams up with ProtonVPN, will offer subscriptions to small set of Firefox users

In many cases, using a VPN is actually worse for your security than connecting to a public Wi-Fi network. Many services have been found logging user data, and it's hard to know which ones actually care about your privacy. To help solve this, Mozilla has conducted an extensive review of many VPN services, and will offer ProtonVPN subscriptions to a limited set of Firefox users.

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