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Firefox now supports tab switching with a swipe in latest nightlies


As we all know, not all web browsers are the same. That's generally a good thing because we want diversity and creativity to drive innovation; but it also means some of the most beloved features in one browser may not be implemented in other browsers for a long time, if ever. This has been the case for a long time with one of Chrome's somewhat hidden power user features: swiping to change tabs. But if you're a Firefox user, you can look forward to getting this awesome feature fairly soon.

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Some web apps from the Play Store can now run in Firefox Nightly

Google introduced a new way for developers to package web applications into Android apps last year, called Trusted Web Activities. The web apps run inside a modified Chrome Custom Tab, which meant that if your default browser wasn't Chrome (or based on Chrome), they would default to running in Google's browser. Firefox for Android has now added support for TWAs, so if Firefox is your default browser, the apps will run inside a Firefox container instead of Chrome.

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Mozilla simplifies its Firefox lineup on Android

If you thought the Google Chrome lineup was complicated with its stable, beta, dev, and Canary channels, you haven't looked into Firefox for Android. For a while, we had stable Firefox, Firefox Beta, Firefox Nightly, Firefox Preview, and Firefox Preview Nightly (not to mention the separate Firefox Focus) — truly a mess if you're just looking for the latest version of the completely rewritten new Firefox. That's finally changing, as Mozilla is starting to simplify its lineup, leaving only three versions: Firefox, Firefox Beta, and Firefox Nightly.

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Firefox Preview is adding support for three new add-ons

Firefox Preview has only received a significant update with version 5.2 with improved tab management and voice search a few days ago, but Mozilla is already working on the next feature-filled update. The unstable Nightly now supports three new add-ons and sees smaller refinements to the three-button overflow menu. The dead-space custom tab bug that's plaguing the current Firefox Preview build is also nowhere to be seen.

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New Firefox Beta based on redesigned Preview version is rolling out widely (APK download)

However many versions of Firefox you think there are on the Play Store, I can almost guarantee there are more. One of the numerous Firefox builds is getting a major update, and that signals big changes for the other versions. The Firefox Preview app that first launched last year is now moving into the Nightly channel. In the coming months, the old Firefox could be a thing of the past.

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Firefox Nightly can now block auto-playing audio

Firefox is finally addressing a big browsing annoyance. The browser's Nightly build can now block websites from automatically playing audio. This isn't a first; Chrome has had the same ability since April (and even longer on mobile). Still, it's a great feature, and a boon for Mozilla diehards.

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Firefox Nightly for Android has an improved bookmark manager

Firefox 57 is the biggest revamp to Mozilla's browser since Firefox 4. Not only will v57 drop support for legacy add-ons, but it's expected to include massive changes to the interface and some performance boosts. We already covered the design changes to the Android browser, but now the bookmark manager is getting a facelift too.

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Mozilla's new 'Photon UI' arrives in Firefox Nightly on Android

If you've been out of the loop, Mozilla is hyping the upcoming Firefox 57 update, scheduled to arrive in November of this year. It will include a new interface (nicknamed 'Photon') across desktop and mobile, as well as the first stages of Project Quantum to improve performance. Firefox 57 will also remove support for legacy (XUL-based) add-ons, a move that isn't popular with all users.

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Mozilla replaces Firefox Aurora Play Store listing with Firefox Nightly

Mozilla has long maintained four release channels for Firefox: Stable, Beta, Aurora, and Nightly. Only Firefox, Firefox Beta, and Firefox Aurora have been available on Android via the Play Store. Now, Mozilla has followed through on an earlier promise to swap Aurora for the nightly build. The Play Store listing remains the same, but the app will be a little different.

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Firefox is dropping Aurora release channel, Android app will become Firefox Nightly

Just like Chrome, Firefox has traditionally had four release channels - Nightly, Aurora, Beta, and Stable. There is also Firefox Developer Edition, only available on the desktop, which has been based on Aurora. Now, in an effort to consolidate resources and focus development, the Aurora release channel is being dropped.

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