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50" Toshiba 4K Fire TV Edition is $300 ($30 off) on Amazon

We've all been staying at home a bit more than usual lately, which means a lot more TV show and movie binging. It seems like a good time, then, to invest in a new television. Amazon is currently offering this 50" 4K Toshiba with Fire TV functionality built in for $299.99, $30 off the regular selling price and $80 off MSRP.

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Anker's Nebula Soundbar with built-in Fire TV is down to $199 ($31 off)

Anker produces more than just charging cables and batteries. The company also has a decent range of audio products, including the 'Nebula Soundbar' — a soundbar with an integrated 4K Fire TV streaming device. Now you can get the Nebula Soundbar for $199.00, a $31 reduction from the usual price.

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After a long wait, the YouTube Kids app is now available on Fire TV

Amazon and Google have always had a contentious relationship when it comes to the integration of services, but things are getting better all the time. Amazon Fire TV picked up support for YouTube TV last year, and just yesterday announced its integration with Fire TV’s Live TV discovery features. Now Amazon is announcing that the YouTube Kids app is coming to Fire TV.

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Amazon Fire TV Live now integrates YouTube TV and Sling TV, with Hulu coming soon

The experience of watching live TV on one of Amazon's Fire TV devices is getting a boost today with the addition of two big names in the digital live TV space. YouTube TV and Sling TV are fully integrated as of today, so you'll be able to see content from both services in the Live tab. Furthermore, Hulu + Live TV will be made available in the near future.

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Insignia's brand new 4K Fire TVs are already receiving major discounts (up to $100 off)

When it comes to home entertainment, there are plenty of options to choose from. Google is working on a new TV dongle, but who knows when that'll be released. If you're itching to upgrade your living room setup right now, Amazon's Fire TVs are solid choices, especially if you're a Prime subscriber invested in the Alexa-enabled ecosystem. Insignia's newest 4K Fire TV models were released last month, but now they're already getting some major discounts.

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Insignia and Toshiba's new 4K Fire TVs start at $240

Amazon, through Insignia and Toshiba, is iterating on its entry-level 4K Fire TV Editions with new 43", 50", and 55" models for 2020. Some are available for purchase right now between the U.S. and Canada with stark differences in starting prices.

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How to sideload any application to an Amazon Fire TV

Amazon's Fire TV devices run a heavily-modified version of Android, which means you can install some Android applications on it. While the built-in Amazon Appstore does have a wide selection of apps and games, you can still install software not available through the official store (like the Kodi Media Center) if you have the APK file.

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Google is pressuring TV and set top box manufacturers not to use Fire TV OS

Ever wondered why Android TV lives on a plethora of third-party hardware while Amazon's Fire TV only runs on a few internationally rather unknown sets? It's not that Amazon isn't interested in working with manufacturers — the problem is Google. As reported by Protocol, the company hinders its competitor from entering this market with the same strategy that makes it hard for Amazon and others to get their Android forks on other manufacturer's phones and tablets: Whenever a company commits to using Android TV, it has to sign an agreement that forbids it from using other software based on Android.

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50" Toshiba 4K Fire TV down to $260 ($40 off)

If you're looking to upgrade your home entertainment setup this Black Friday but don't want to fight hundreds of other shoppers for a doorbuster, check out this sale on a 50" Toshiba TV. Typically selling for $300, it's now down to a price of $260, a $40 discount.

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Amazon Fire TV devices are up to half off right now for Black Friday

Black Friday is still a few days away, but deals have been flying all month. Things are ramping up this week in particular, as many retailers like Walmart are starting their deals as early as Wednesday. Not to be outdone, Amazon is offering some right now, including a bunch of discounts on Fire TV devices.

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