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New Amazon Fire TV stick brings quad-core CPU, Alexa Remote, and AC Wi-Fi

Just two days ago, Roku announced their new lineup of media center devices, and today Amazon has made public their latest Fire TV Stick. If you are unfamiliar with Amazon's hardware offerings, the Fire TV Stick is their competitor to the Chromecast (even to the point of Amazon removing Chromecast listings from their store). But unlike the Chromecast, and similar to the recently-announced Roku Express, all applications run directly on the device. The Fire TV stick also has a sizable game library, which is certainly unique at the price point.

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Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick update will expand Universal Search, add Alexa voice control for Amazon Video, more

Amazon's hardware ventures weren't all quite popular (remember the Fire Phone?!), but beside the Kindles and Fire tablets, and obviously the Echo, the Fire TV is easily counted one of the company's success stories. It has become one of the best streaming and gaming solutions, battling Roku, Apple TV, and Android TV for a spot on every TV's HDMI port.

That's also thanks to continuous updates and improvements from Amazon who keeps adding features to its products. In the latest update to the Fire TV and Fire TV Stick rolling out now (or very soon), Amazon is adding more apps and channels to Universal Search so you have fewer and fewer reasons to open apps individually to do a search in them.

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Roku Announces New Streaming Stick, Available Later This Month For $49.99

Many people swear by Roku and its Streaming Stick: they say it's got more channels, more power, and a remote, unlike the Chromecast. Well, today even more people may start swearing by it - Roku has announced a new Stick is going to go on sale later this month. Priced at $49.99 (that's $10 more than Amazon's Fire TV stick and $15 more than the Chromecast), it packs a quad core processor and is reportedly smaller and more compact than the previous version.

As with the Chromecast, casting functionality is still included, which means content can be played on a phone then cast to the TV.

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Fire OS 5 Comes To The Original Amazon Fire TV And Fire TV Stick (Both 1st And 2nd Gen Now Run Version 5.0.5)

Fire OS 5 is the latest release of Amazon's customized version of Android. As is tradition for the company's products, this firmware upgrade bumps devices up to being only one major version out of date. Instead of Marshmallow, Amazon's Fire gadgets are making their way up to Android 5.1.

Amazon has started pushing out Fire OS 5 to the 1st generation Fire TV and Fire TV stick. The 2nd gen hardware, which was already running 5.0.4, is also getting a boost. After the latest round of updates, all four gadgets should be left at 5.0.5.

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[Update: Winners] We Have 50 Promo Codes For LocalCast To Give Away


Casting audio, video, pictures, and more from your smartphone or tablet to the TV is one of the easiest ways to get content from the little screen to the big screen, but it requires an app that supports the feature in the first place. For example, try using Adobe Reader or Google Docs to cast a PDF to the TV. You're out of luck.

Thankfully, enterprising developers like Stefan Pledl—the creator of LocalCast—have been able to whip up some really nice looking solutions that allow users to cast almost any consumable content to the big screen.

This contest is now over.

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Amazon Fire TV Stick (2015) Lightning Review: Still Probably The Best Streaming Stick Money Can Buy

It's been about a year since Amazon released the first Fire TV Stick (give or take a couple of months), which was probably the best streaming stick at the time—arguably better than both Chromecast and Roku Streaming Stick. Naturally, the company didn't want to wait too long before updating both the Fire TV and Fire TV Stick, though I'm not sure that I'd call what the FTV Stick got an actual "upgrade." Really, it's the same stick as last year, but now there's an option to bundle it with the voice remote for just $10 more than the normal price of $40 (making it $50).

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[Fire Sale] Amazon Discounts Several Fire Tablets, Fire TV, And Amazon Echo For Black Friday

It's Black Friday, and everything must go! Amazon is offering considerable discounts of over 30% on plenty of devices, including Fire TV sticks and Fire tablets, as well as that futuristic-looking cylinder called Amazon Echo.

Here's what we've managed to find:

It looks like these deals may be available in other stores such as Best Buy, too.

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Sony Announces Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick Support For Its PlayStation Vue TV Service, Chromecast Support Coming Soon

If you don't know what PlayStation Vue is, don't worry, you're not alone. It's not a gaming service of any kind, it's an IPTV subscription that delivers select shows and networks to the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. It's a sort of hardware-exclusive take on SlingTV. Or at least it was, until Sony announced that the service was expanding to other streaming devices. Amazon's Fire TV and Fire TV Stick will be the first non-Sony hardware compatible with PlayStation Vue, not counting iPhone and iPad.

Apparently there are still no plans for core Android app, but the service will expand to the Chromecast (and presumably Android TV by way of its built-in Cast support) at some point in the future.

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Amazon Officially Announces The New Fire TV With 4K Playback, As Well As An Updated Fire Stick With Voice Commands

Guys, when Amazon announces stuff, they announce the hell out of some stuff. Like, who cares about subtlety? Not the folks at Amazon - they'll just go crazy on a Thursday morning and announce like nine new products all at once. I like their zeal.

Not only did they take the wraps off of a few new Fire tablets, but they also announced the recently-rumored Fire TV with 4K playback for $99, a new "gaming edition" bundle of said Fire TV for $140, and an updated Fire TV Stick with voice controls for $50. That's a lot of stuff. Let's dig in.

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Amazon Fire TV And Fire TV Stick Are Getting X-Ray Support In A New Software Update

Amazon is sending out an update to the Android-powered Fire TV and Fire TV Stick that makes a few tweaks to the experience, the most significant of which is support for X-Ray. This feature has been on the Fire tablets for some time, but now it's on a streaming box for the first time.


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