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The $300 Lenovo Mirage Camera captures 3D 180° video and is marked down to just $100

The product life cycle can be harsh — smash hits fly off the shelves and rarely get discounted, but other products, though they may be decent, don't catch on and are brutally discounted in fire sales. The 3D 180VR video-capturing Lenovo Mirage Camera is one such example —  originally launched for $300 in 2018, it can now be had for just $100 at Best Buy and Amazon.

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[Fire Sale] Amazon Discounts Several Fire Tablets, Fire TV, And Amazon Echo For Black Friday

It's Black Friday, and everything must go! Amazon is offering considerable discounts of over 30% on plenty of devices, including Fire TV sticks and Fire tablets, as well as that futuristic-looking cylinder called Amazon Echo.

Here's what we've managed to find:

It looks like these deals may be available in other stores such as Best Buy, too.

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[Deal Alert] HTC Re Camera Fire Sale: Pick One Up For Just $50 ($150 Off Original Price)

When HTC announced its stand-alone Re sports camera, more than one commenter wondered what the company was doing leaving its smartphone comfort zone for an industry that's already dominated by a single player. Though the Re camera is decent enough on its own and the design is completely unique, it's not enough to sway potential buyers away from GoPro and Sony cameras, which have more features and an established reputation. Apparently someone at HTC agrees, because the camera is being discounted by a whopping 75%.

That brings the price down to just $50, well into impulse buy territory and much more palatable than the original $200 retail price.

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[Deal Alert] Best Buy Offering Refurbished First Generation Galaxy Gears For Just $99 Today Only

The original Galaxy Gear wasn't for everyone (particularly people who don't own a Samsung phone). It also suffered from limited app compatibility and a quirky interface. Its biggest drawback, though, was the price: $299. That's a lot to ask for a smartwatch that only does a handful of things. But what about $99? That's how much Best Buy is currently selling refurbished models of the device for as part of today's deal of the day.


There's a decent chance that many of these refurbished models are essentially new watches that people returned not long after opening. Despite what the screenshot above says, you won't be able to have one shipped to your doorstep - though it looks like store pickup is available.

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