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Fire HD 8 Plus (2020) review: One step closer to the combo tablet-smart display dream

Amazon's lineup of Fire tablets are popular for one reason, and one reason only: they are cheap. It's sort of incredible that you can get a functional portable computing device with internet access for as little as $50, but Amazon has to cut a lot of corners to get there. The low hardware costs are subsidized by advertisements (unless you pay to remove them) and preinstalled apps for Amazon products and services.

We reviewed the new Amazon Fire HD 8 last month, which was a decent upgrade from previous Fire tablets in both hardware and software. This year, Amazon has introduced a 'Plus' variant of the Fire HD 8 with slightly better hardware, but I'm not sure if the added features are really worth the $20 price hike.

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The newest Amazon Fire HD 8 is $30 off in its first Deal of the Day

Amazon's latest refresh of the Fire HD 8 is on sale for the first time in both its regular and kids editions. To top that off, the platform is also discounting a few other Fire tablets from the days of yore.

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Amazon releases new Fire HD 8 tablets with Android 9 Pie, USB Type-C, and Qi charging

The Fire HD 8 is one of Amazon's most popular hardware products, but it has been overdue for a hardware refresh. Now the company has finally released a new version of the Fire HD 8, and there are even some features you don't normally see in a tablet — like Qi wireless charging.

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