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Yahoo Mail for Android adds Fingerprint security support, web and video previews, and more

Yahoo is having a rough week in terms of security. It's probably just a coincidence that a considerable update for the official Yahoo Mail app comes days after one of the biggest password leaks ever. Even so, it's nice to get official support for something like Google's Fingerprint API. That, among other new goodies, is waiting inside the latest Mail update in the Play Store. On my Nexus 6, it's version 5.9.1.

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myAT&T app adds fingerprint login for supported devices, plus AT&T THANKS program

You asked and they answered: AT&T has finally added fingerprint support to its myAT&T app, providing an extra layer of security to your mobile phone, landline, or internet billing app. This will only work if your myAT&T password is saved, however; as is normal, fingerprint access can be turned on or off in the app's settings at any time.

  • We’ve listened to your feedback. You can now use your fingerprint scanner as an extra layer of security for the myAT&T app (supported devices only).
  • Introducing the AT&T THANKS Program. With AT&T THANKS you can:
    View your rewards, benefits and perks with myAT&T
  • myAT&T requires an active AT&T account that is registered for online account management.
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Roboform Password Manager adds fingerprint authentication


Bank Of America's Android App Now Supports Marshmallow's Native Fingerprint Sign-In

Bank of America's Android app has allowed fingerprint sign-ins since September 2015, or so it would like you to think. Support seems to have been limited to Samsung's fingerprint sensor and didn't work on the Nexus 5X or 6P with their Nexus Imprint. Reviewers on the Play Store complained about that and the developers finally updated the app to fix the issue.

The new version of the Bank of America app seems to support Android's native fingerprint APIs that were introduced in Marshmallow, and thus the Nexus Imprint sensor on Nexus devices. Artem successfully tested it on his Nexus 6P and several Play Store commenters are reporting it as working now.

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CyanogenMod's Upcoming Protected App Interface Is Super Slick, And It Supports Fingerprint Authentication

Some of the most interesting additions to Android often come from unofficial sources. Maligned though they may be, Google has incorporated many features previously only found in manufacturer skins into AOSP, and custom ROM developers add new features more or less as they feel like it, some of which are quite useful. For example, the CyanogenMod development team is working on a new integrated system for handling "locked" apps, applications that can't be accessed by the user without a password or other validation mechanism.

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Play Store v5.9 Begins Preparation For Android 6.0, Adds Support For Fingerprint Readers, An Uninstall Manager, And More [APK Teardown + Download]

A late afternoon update to the Play Store just hit the scene. While we've only witnessed a single new dialog box in the live app, there are plenty of things standing out from a teardown. Preparation for Android 6.0 is clearly a big part of this release as signs pop up for support of the new optional permission model and fingerprint readers. There is also an uninstall manager in the works for those times when you've run out of space. We can also look forward to a new interface for requesting refunds and an option to get very precise recommendations based on location.

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LastPass Is Now All Ready For Marshmallow's New Permissions Model And Android 6.0 Fingerprint Readers

Android Marshmallow may not have officially arrived yet, but that means now is the time for developers to get their apps in working order. That's what the LastPass folks have done.

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[Weekend Poll] Fingerprint Scanners: Must-Have Or Meh?

Fingerprint scanners are finally coming into their own - near-instant touch readers are replacing tired, old, swipe scanners, and they're more accurate, much faster, and a hell of a lot easier to operate. But do you actually want one?

There have been precious few phones with touch-style scanners released to date. The iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy S6, and HTC One M9+ are the most notable, but they aren't the only ones, and increasing numbers of high-end phones will likely integrate them in the coming months and years.

Personally, I love them - I hate entering a PIN or pattern to unlock my phone, and I don't always wear my smart lock-enabled smartwatch when I'm carrying my phone.

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Android M Will Reportedly Include Native Fingerprint Authentication

A few Android phones have sported fingerprint readers over the years, but these were all using software built specifically by the OEM for the device. We're now hearing whispers that Google is planning to build fingerprint reaching technology into the core of Android when M is announced at I/O next week.


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