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The 'Swipe for notifications' gesture now matches device orientation for Nexuses running Android O

Since the release of the Pixel last year it's been possible to swipe down on the rear-mounted fingerprint sensor to pull down the notification shade. It took a while, but the feature eventually came to the Nexus 5X, and finally the 6P. Ever since it came to the Nexuses, there was a bug wherein the axis wouldn't change along with the orientation. The release of the second developer preview for Android O (DP2) fixes this, and you can now logically swipe down from whichever side of the device is currently the top, depending on how you're holding it.

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Mobile Passport gets updated with fingerprint authentication, PHX airport support, and more

Fingerprint sensors are on so many smartphones these days, and for good reason: they're quick and secure. For those reasons, they can also be used as extra security for apps that have private information such as PayPal and banking solutions. The rather nifty Mobile Passport is the latest app to add this functionality, along with support for Phoenix's Sky Harbor airport and a few other things.

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Some Pixel and Nexus fingerprint sensors not working after Android 7.1.2 update

A number of Google Pixel and Nexus users are reporting that their fingerprint sensor is no longer working after the latest Android OS update. Several members of the Pixel and Nexus communities on Google's product forums have encountered the issue since installing the Android Nougat 7.1.2 OTA.

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Wells Fargo app updated with fingerprint login support

Google added support for fingerprint readers back in Android 6.0. It has taken developers a while to get on board with that feature, and some are still playing catch up. Enter: Wells Fargo. The Android app has been updated with fingerprint support. Better late than never, I guess.

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Google App v6.16 beta prepares to add authentication to purchases with Assistant, video previews in search results, and more [APK Teardown]

A new version of the Google app began rolling out earlier this week, but there don't appear to be any major changes going live quite yet. However, this version does bring some big clues about upcoming changes. On the docket for this teardown is a new authentication step for purchases made through Google Assistant, video previews in search results, user-defined actions take form through IFTTT, and some people will be happy to find out that Google's launcher won't always add icons for newly installed apps.

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Mint app updated with fingerprint unlock support

Fingerprint sensors have been a thing on Android for a while, and Google has had official API support in Android for more than a year. Still, there are some apps that inexplicably lack support for fingerprint security. Mint was one of them until today. This app has finally been updated with a fingerprint security option.

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Yahoo Mail for Android adds Fingerprint security support, web and video previews, and more

Yahoo is having a rough week in terms of security. It's probably just a coincidence that a considerable update for the official Yahoo Mail app comes days after one of the biggest password leaks ever. Even so, it's nice to get official support for something like Google's Fingerprint API. That, among other new goodies, is waiting inside the latest Mail update in the Play Store. On my Nexus 6, it's version 5.9.1.

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myAT&T app adds fingerprint login for supported devices, plus AT&T THANKS program

You asked and they answered: AT&T has finally added fingerprint support to its myAT&T app, providing an extra layer of security to your mobile phone, landline, or internet billing app. This will only work if your myAT&T password is saved, however; as is normal, fingerprint access can be turned on or off in the app's settings at any time.

  • We’ve listened to your feedback. You can now use your fingerprint scanner as an extra layer of security for the myAT&T app (supported devices only).
  • Introducing the AT&T THANKS Program. With AT&T THANKS you can:
    View your rewards, benefits and perks with myAT&T
  • myAT&T requires an active AT&T account that is registered for online account management.
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