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Dashlane Password Manager Gets Support For Samsung Fingerprint Readers

Starting with the Galaxy S5, Samsung has been building fingerprint readers into the home buttons of its flagship devices. Their primary purpose is to give owners an alternative way of unlocking their phones. But some apps, such as LastPass, also take advantage of the hardware. Now another password manager has added support.

Dashlane's biometic authentication lets you swipe your fingerprint to automatically log in to sites or autofill information. It works on the Galaxy S5, S6, Note 4, and Note Edge.

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Android M Will Reportedly Include Native Fingerprint Authentication

A few Android phones have sported fingerprint readers over the years, but these were all using software built specifically by the OEM for the device. We're now hearing whispers that Google is planning to build fingerprint reaching technology into the core of Android when M is announced at I/O next week.


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Former Moto CEO Says The Nexus 6 Was Supposed To Have A Fingerprint Scanner On The Back

I love the "Moto dimple" on the back of the Nexus 6. It makes the enormous phone just a little bit easier to grip (especially if you have a case with an iPhone-style logo cutout, like this one). But apparently the original purpose of the circular depression wasn't ergonomics, or even to match the branding on other Motorola devices like the Moto X. According to Dennis Woodside, former CEO of Motorola and currently the COO at Dropbox, the dimple was intended to be a fingerprint scanner.

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Leaked Details Point To Fingerprint Sensor In Galaxy S5 Used For Unlocking, Custom Shortcuts, Hiding Private Data, And More

A new report from SamMobile claims to confirm that the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S5 will indeed have a fingerprint sensor. Not only that, the leaked information has a lot to say about how the feature will work. According to SamMobile, the sensor is going to be integrated with the home button, and yes, that means there will still be physical buttons on the Galaxy S5.


Unlike Apple's Touch ID scanner, Samsung's version will require you to swipe your finger across the home button while keeping it flat.

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Chinese HTC One Max Leak Shows Off Removable Back Cover, Fingerprint Reader (And Toggle), Dual-Camera Mode, And More

The biggest brother of the One family has once again smiled for the camera on Chinese site ePrice, showing off a few things that we've yet to see on the 5.9-inch beasty. For starters, this model feature a removable back, but before you get too excited about that, we'd like to throw out the reminder that most HTC devices for the Chinese market have removable backs. That's just a thing over there.

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