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It's happening: Qualcomm is building fingerprint scanners that go inside your phone's screen, coming in 2018

We've been waiting years for this moment, and it looks like Qualcomm will be the first one to deliver on our dreams: fingerprint scanners that go directly underneath your phone's display panel. At MWC Shanghai today, Qualcomm announced that it will be supplying these futuristic scanners - a new business for the company - starting in Summer 2018.

Qualcomm's design utilizes the company's previously-announced ultrasonic fingerprint detection method. Because of its use of ultrasonics - as opposed to capacitance - Qualcomm says this fingerprint scanner design makes it much easier to "see" through your smartphone's display panel to take a fingerprint read...

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Google: "We're evaluating" a firmware update to 5X and 6P to add fingerprint scanner gestures

Google introduced a simple fingerprint scanner gesture on the Pixel and Pixel XL that allows you to "swipe" the scanner to access the notification shade. This was not brought to the Nexus 5X and 6P, though, despite being an Android 7.1 feature, and the devices use the same fingerprint scanner hardware as the new Pixels. After some confusion, technical reasons were offered up for the lack of support for the feature - namely: the firmware version of the scanner on the old phones wasn't capable of implementing it, but that a firmware update was seemingly possible - it seemed that Google could potentially add the feature to the 5X and 6P, but for one reason or another chose not to.

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United Airlines updates Android app with fingerprint authentication

Frequent United flyers may find themselves using the airline's Android app more often than they realize. The latest update cuts down on how often you have to type out your password as you sign in to your MileagePlus account. Now you can tap a fingerprint scanner instead.

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LG Develops Fingerprint Scanner That Can Sit Under Glass, Allowing Placement On Bezels

LG's Innotek arm unveiled a new fingerprint scanner implementation today that allows a scanner to be placed directly under a piece of glass, such as the bezel area of display cover glass on a smartphone. The new technology, then, is at least somewhat similar to Qualcomm's Snapdragon Sense ID in that it does not require an exterior element physically demarcating where the scanner sits, and can instead be basically invisible. Qualcomm's solution, though, uses ultrasonics to identify a fingerprint - LG's design appears to be of the traditional capacitive variety.

To be clear, the new technology does not allow the scanner to sit on or under the display itself - this is a problem not yet solved - merely for it to be hidden a bit better in the places where we see fingerprint scanners already.

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Chase App Adds Support For Fingerprint Login With Latest Update

Most of the top Android phones (and even some mid-range ones) are shipping with fingerprint readers these days. App developers are starting to take notice and add support to apps, and today an important one for many people has been updated. Chase Mobile, which has tens of millions of downloads, now supports fingerprint logins. Bank of America just did the same a few days ago.

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[Update: Motorola Disagrees] Report: All New Moto Phones Will Have 5-Inch Or Larger Screens And Fingerprint Scanners, Moto G And Moto E Lines Will Go To Lenovo

Years after Chinese electronics giant Lenovo purchased Motorola, the lines between the two companies are starting to blur. The status of Motorola as its "Moto" lineup becomes a sub-brand of Lenovo is still somewhat up in the air. According to a post from Digital Trends, the Moto line will be positioned as a more high-end option, as opposed to serving a wide array of market segments as it does now.

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The Play Store Supports Fingerprint Purchase Authorizations In Android 6.0

Fingerprint reader support is one of the big pushes of Android 6.0 Marshmallow, but it's not just limited to the lock screen. Google has an option in the Play Store to authorize app purchases with a fingerprint, which we first spotted in a teardown of the v5.9 client. Now it's live for 6.0 devices that have fingerprint readers like the Nexus 6P and Nexus 5X.

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Google Lays Out Requirements For Fingerprint Sensors In Android 6.0

Nexus Imprint on the new Nexus phones is fantastic compared to other fingerprint sensors. It's fast and incredibly accurate. The setup process is painless too. How will other devices with fingerprint sensors on Android 6.0 fare? They should at least get the job done if they follow the new rules. Google has listed the requirements for OEMs to make sure their sensors work correctly in Marshmallow.

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Play Store v5.9 Begins Preparation For Android 6.0, Adds Support For Fingerprint Readers, An Uninstall Manager, And More [APK Teardown + Download]

A late afternoon update to the Play Store just hit the scene. While we've only witnessed a single new dialog box in the live app, there are plenty of things standing out from a teardown. Preparation for Android 6.0 is clearly a big part of this release as signs pop up for support of the new optional permission model and fingerprint readers. There is also an uninstall manager in the works for those times when you've run out of space. We can also look forward to a new interface for requesting refunds and an option to get very precise recommendations based on location.

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LastPass Is Now All Ready For Marshmallow's New Permissions Model And Android 6.0 Fingerprint Readers

Android Marshmallow may not have officially arrived yet, but that means now is the time for developers to get their apps in working order. That's what the LastPass folks have done.

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