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Waze and SpotHero team up to help you find your pre-booked parking spot

Waze is slowly but sustainably turning into a hub for everything related to your car journey. You can control playback from your preferred music apps right inside the navigation interface, and about a year ago, Waze was integrated into Android Auto. Wednesday, Waze and SpotHero announced a cooperation that allows SpotHero users to use Waze to navigate to their pre-booked parking lots with one tap.

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More parking features added to Google Maps, including difficulty icons in 25 non-US cities

Back in January, Google Maps on Android added a handy new parking availability feature, letting you know the likelihood of finding a spot at your destination. It was initially only available in a handful of US cities. Since the v9.51 Maps beta update in April, a parking difficulty icon is visible before you even start navigation, so you can change your destination accordingly if parking is going to be too difficult. Now, that feature is coming to 25 new cities in regions outside the US, such as Canada, Brazil, Russia, and various European countries.

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