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War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius officially released on Android in the West (Updated)

War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius was first revealed in 2019 during a Square Enix E3 showcase, where we learned that the game would indeed be coming to the West with an English translation in tow. Well, it looks like we are finally nearing the official release for this Final-Fantasy-theme strategy RPG since the title just landed on the Play Store for pre-registration.

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Square Enix will shut down Mobius Final Fantasy globally on June 30

Square Enix has just announced that it will be shutting down Mobius Final Fantasy, a free-to-play RPG originally released in 2016. The game's servers have been offline in Japan since December, and as of this morning, the studio has made it clear that the global version will be shut down on June 30, 2020. Updates and in-game events will still take place in the coming months, including the conclusion of the Warrior of Despair story, though Magicite (purchasable in-game currency) sales will end in March.

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[Update: Possibly coming to Android on Feb. 9th] Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition is available for pre-registration right now

Well, we already knew that Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition was going to release by the end of this year, though it is looking like the release will be sooner rather than later thanks to the game's fresh availability for pre-registration on the Play Store. So not only can you sign up to receive a notification once this title is officially available, there is an all-new trailer to accompany this pre-registration that reveals some new scenes of gameplay.

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Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition is coming to Android later this year

We already have some Final Fantasy games on Android, but the only good ones are ports of old games. That FFXV: A New Empire spin-off barely counts as a Final Fantasy title. Square Enix just announced a new mobile game that might actually be worth your time. Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition will bring content from the full FFXV to mobile devices, and you'll be able to try it for free.

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Get the week started with 45 temporarily free and 51 on-sale apps, including some of the Final Fantasy games

Welcome to the start of another week. August is already half-over, if you can believe that — I sure can't. I have another large list of apps for you today, some of which are actually pretty good. So head on down, find something you like, and be sure to offer your own recommendations from the lists below in the comments for others to find. The highlight today, obviously, is the selection of Final Fantasy games on sale.

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Final Fantasy XV mobile spin-off 'A New Empire' is more pay-to-win junk

There are few game fans as passionate as Final Fantasy fans. They devour new content, and are happy to drop $15-20 on re-releases of the classic games on mobile. So, the new Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire game on Android drew some attention when it was announced. It's finally available to all, but the early response is quite negative. It seems this title is little more than a generic city builder with on-the-rails combat dressed up like a Final Fantasy title.

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Mobius Final Fantasy gives the famous console series a freemium mobile makeover

Mobius Final Fantasy looks like a pretty standard entry in the famous RPG series from the last ten years or so: vague otherworldly threat, androgynous young hero, production design that borders on cocaine-fueled insanity. It helps that the plot is fleshed out in beautiful 3D cutscenes with full voice acting and orchestral music, unlike other "original" Final Fantasy mobile games such as All The Bravest. Indeed, Mobius might be the first Square-Enix title that can lay claim to being a truly original Final Fantasy game, built from the ground up for mobile devices. Today it gets a worldwide release, and it's a free download on the Play Store.

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Square Enix's Romancing SaGa 2 Released On Android With English Translation

Square Enix, the maker of the famed 'Final Fantasy' series, has a few games that are only available in Japan. Romancing SaGa 2, the fifth game in the 'SaGa' series, was one such game. That ends today, though: Romancing SaGa 2 is now available on Android for $17.99.

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[Game Roundup] Our Top Seven Picks For The Best New Games Of February 2016

Considering the shortness of February and the general malaise that is the entertainment industry between January and March, it's impressive that Android received so many high-profile games during the month. And indeed we did: JRPG fans have no less than three new classics to check out, there's a new chapter of The Walking Dead for horror fans, and plenty of titles for more causal players to try. Below in no particular order, you'll find our picks for the seven best new Android games of February, plus a few honorable mentions.

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Final Fantasy IX (The First PlayStation-Era Final Fantasy To Hit Android) Is Now Available On The Play Store For $17

The classic Final Fantasy RPG you've been waiting for is finally available on Android! No, not that one. Or that one, or that one either - it's number nine. This morning Square Enix published Final Fantasy IX, which was first released for the PlayStation way back in 2000, on the Play Store. If you have $16.99 to spare (and 4GB of free space on an Android 4.1+ phone or tablet), it can be yours. That's a 20% discount until February 21st, according to the app description.

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