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Google Play Games has a new filter tool we wish the Play Store had

The Google Play Games app is debuting a new all-in-one filtered section to let users sort out what they want to play based on purchasing factors, critical ratings, genres, and even play-based factors such as accessibility and device orientation. Now, if only we got this level of granularity on the Play Store proper...

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Google Duo has new rainbow-filled AR filters to celebrate LGBTQ pride

Pride Month is over, but the rainbow arcs over yonder. As such, Google is beginning to roll out some colorful new filters to its video calling app, Duo.

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Google tests expanding Play Store filters to include star ratings, Editors' Choice, and 'new' apps

Google is currently testing an expansion of its existing Play Store filters to help find better-rated apps. First spotted by 9to5Google, the change brings a handful of new filtering options that will appear when searching, including a pair of star rating limits and an Editors' Choice-only flag that can help separate the app wheat from the chaff.

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Google Search finally gets date-range filters on mobile


Adobe announces Photoshop Camera with 'AI-powered' filters (Update: Up for pre-registration)

Adobe has announced a new app in Photoshop Camera. As its name implies, Camera leverages Adobe's image processing chops to apply effects to photos in real time, ostensibly circumventing the need to use the company's other software to add them after the fact.

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Google Duo's new filters and effects let you become a purple cat

Google has been working on implementing live filters and effects for Duo video calls over the course of the past couple of years. We've seen a few of them pop up for special holidays like Holi and Valentine's Day, but today, we finally have a bank of 13 standard fare filters and effects to embarrass ourselves with when chatting with our colleagues, friends, and loved ones.

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Google experiments with goofy Snapchat-style filters for Messages

As Google has culled its consumer-facing messaging options to focus on primarily Messages, it's unsurprising that the app has continued to pick up new features. Some, like RCS support, are pretty universally useful. Others are more for fun — like these in-development Snapchat-style video filters XDA Developers has uncovered.

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[Update: New look] YouTube is testing Up Next filters on Android

When you're watching a YouTube video, the app often taunts you with other recommendations you should watch next, and if you have Autoplay turned on, it even goes through that list automatically. However, you rarely have any control over what shows up in this list. A server-side test tells us that this might be changing soon.

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VSCO sues PicsArt for allegedly reverse engineering photo filters

Photo filters aren't as big a business as they used to be — the early 2010s were dark times — but photo editor VSCO still takes them very seriously. The company has filed suit against the makers of fellow photo editor PicsArt, alleging that several of its filters were reverse engineered from VSCO's.

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New Google Maps filter helps you see a location's most recent photos first

As an explorer, traveller, or just curious person, one of the greatest tools in your arsenal is Google Maps. Whether you want to check out a restaurant before visiting it, a hotel before booking it, a touristic place before taking time out of your crowded trip schedule to visit it, or you just like browsing various places to see what they look like, Maps is there to help. But there's often one question I ask myself when viewing a place listing: ok, that looks good, but what if the photo was taken three years ago? What if it's under renovation, or has deteriorated?

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