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IMDb's new filters help you find the exact movies or TV series you want to watch

The IMDb app is one of the first I installed on my Android devices, way back in 2010 on my Galaxy 5 (not S). But over the years, the need for the app has fallen, especially when Google added IMDb scores to its search cards. Now, I just Google the name of a movie or show and open the IMDb site from the results, if needed. But the app's recent search filter addition has made me reconsider installing it and giving it a permanent spot in my app drawer again.

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Google Duo adds Valentine's Day effect for video messages

As florists, chocolate makers, and greeting card companies alike gear up for one of the biggest sales days of the year — Valentine's Day — tech companies are preparing their own festive offerings for the sentimental celebration. This year, Google Duo is offering a Valentine's Day video effect for long-distance loves, and it's already showing up for many users.

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Facebook may soon let users block comments containing chosen words and phrases from their timelines

Online harassment has been an issue for about as long as online communication has existed. Facebook is known for taking measures to combat abuse and bullying on its platform, and it seems the social network is working on another feature to that end. You may soon be able to block comments containing specified words, phrases, or emoji from appearing on your timeline.

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Android Messages 3.6 brings richer search interface, better automatic previews, and an updated icon [APK Download]

Yesterday, Google announced an update to Android Messages that would bring a new richer search interface with people and categories front and center. Today, the new version of Messages is starting to roll out with that change and a few more things in tow.

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OnePlus Gallery update adds video editing tools, lets you trim clips and mix in background music

The OnePlus 6 has more than a few advantages over the company's previous hardware, which is to be expected, given it's the latest model. But, a handful of the phone's smaller benefits are now trickling down to older handsets via an update to the OnePlus Gallery app. Rolling out now, the app update is bringing some of the OP6's video editing tools—including slow-motion video editing, background music, and general clipping/trimming—to older phones.

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[Update: Now in Dev Channel] ChromeOS will eventually have an automatic red-tinted Night Light mode

ChromeOS development is on fire these days. Just yesterday we got news that we'd have a new setting for closing the lid on a Chromebook. And today we find out that a new automatic Night Light feature is inbound and has just entered the Canary channel. If you've ever used Kindle's Blue Shade, f.lux, or LineageOS' LiveDisplay feature, then you know that this means. If you aren't familiar with any of those, think a red-tinted mode for use at night. 

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Hallelujah: YouTube announces simpler way for creators to block comments with links in an effort to reduce spam

Recently, popular YouTube videos have been plagued with spam comments much like the one you see above. It's become a legitimate issue, and one that YouTube hasn't done much about. But now, to alleviate this issue, the YouTube team has implemented a new method for creators to filter out potentially spam comments with links and hashtags.

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Instagram introduces face filters, new camera features, and hashtag stickers

Instagram is getting some new features to appeal to your creative side. If you've been dying for some face filters for your posts or Direct messages, you can now have them. More features are also being added, like video rewind and hashtags right on the Stories that you post. Sounds... engaging.

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Google Voice now has improved spam call filtering

No one likes spam calls, and Google knows that. You may recall that last year, Google added a warning in the Phone app for when a suspected spam caller was ringing. Now the company is bringing that same feature to Google Voice.

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Prisma gets a new filter store, devs promise personalized filters coming soon

Prisma Labs, makers of the popular filter app that turns your photos into artwork, has just released an upate to its eponymous app which introduces a filter store with over twenty new styles for users to choose from. As with most of the ones that already existed inside the app, these new filters are frequently inspired on the artistic styles of famous painters and artists.

Fortunately, every new filter currently in the store is completely free to download and use, and this will likely continue to be the case in the foreseeable future, since Prisma doesn't even support in-app purchases.

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