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Google Files Go now has a beta channel, and there's a new search function in the first release [APK Download]

Files Go made an unplanned debut back in November, and it's since been updated with a couple of new features, including Drive backup integration and better SD card support. Google still appears to be hard at work with Files Go, as is evident from the beta channel that has just been opened for it. It's very easy to join, and the first beta release is already live.

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Files Go can now back up files to Google Drive

The launch of Android Go is almost upon us, and Google is continuing work on its various first-party apps for the platform. Files Go, a simple file manager, first arrived in November of last year as a beta app. It exited beta in December, and there have been a few updates since then.

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Google adds new features to Files Go, including better SD card support

Google tends to keep the Go apps locked down in the Play Store, so most devices can't download them directly. However, it opened up Files Go to everyone a while back. This app helps clear space on your device, and it's getting an update today with three new features.

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Google Search Lite becomes Google Go, Files Go exits beta [APK Download]

Google is spinning up the previously announced "Go" version of Android, including a suite of apps in the Play Store. This optimized build of the OS was announced back at Google I/O, and a few test apps have popped up in the intervening months. Today, Google has renamed Search Lite to Google Go. That matches Files Go, which is out of beta now.

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Launch of Android Go brings Oreo optimizations and features to low-end phones for developing markets

Google has made public the first release of Android Go—the optimized version of Android for low-end phones targeted toward developing markets, which was announced in May at I/O 2017. Rather than let OEMs stick to outdated Android versions when shipping budget phones, Android Go brings a full, up-to-date experience for devices which ship with 512MB or 1GB RAM.

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[Update: Open beta] Google Files Go is an unreleased smart file manager that aims to keep your phone clean [APK Download]

A ton of devices these days have built-in 'cleaners,' and it looks like Google has been developing its own. It's called Files Go, and judging from the screenshots and the description, it does a lot of the things that phones like the Galaxy S8 have within the system. The beta program is currently closed, but we've got the APK.

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