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Dropbox fully rolling out mobile dark theme, password manager, spins off document scanner into iOS app

Dropbox is shaking up the dog days of this summer of working from home with the deployment of a few features that have been in beta for what feels like forever. Plus, it's also spinning off its documenting scanning feature into an app and introducing a file transfer service with separate quotas to users' cloud storage.

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How to transfer files from Android to macOS

Android and macOS have never been the biggest friends. While Android app development works great on Apple's desktop OS, the situation is much different for simple file transfers. There is Google's Android File Transfer application, but the program is hopelessly outdated, finicky, and prone to crashes when you transfer a lot of data at a time. There's also a 4GB file limit. You don't have to rely on the tool for transfers, though — there are a ton of third-party apps that solve moving files between Android and macOS much better.

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[Update: App available] Mozilla Firefox Send lets you share encrypted files privately and for free

Mozilla is one of the champions for internet freedom and privacy – which is part of why I love the company and its work – so it's no surprise that it "graduated" one of its experiments to a full-fledged product. Meet Firefox Send, a free, encrypted file-transfer service.

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Android P feature spotlight: USB menu gets revamped, lets you transfer files and charge a connected device simultaneously

The USB connection menu in Android P is getting a revamp. Gone is the small pop-up overlay and instead there's a fullscreen menu that introduces a few visual and functional changes.

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AirDroid 4.0 gives the utility a user interface redesign from the ground up

AirDroid, the free app that offers easy file transfers and remote management for Android devices, remains one of the best and most consistent apps on the Play Store. Developer Sand Studio is scrupulous in maintaining the app's functionality and improving it with new features and design tweaks. Today the dev introduced what's probably the biggest change to the platform since it offered a paid option: a complete visual overhaul. Everything from the layout to the logo to the promotional web page has been updated.

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Google Play Services v9.2 Adds Support For All Of The New Nearby Capabilities, And Likely Includes Peer-To-Peer File Transfer [APK Download + Teardown]

Google dropped the news last week that Nearby was about to get a whole lot more interesting. With the use of Bluetooth and a special blend of tricks collectively known as Location Services, Google will enable Android devices to learn about all manner of things in close proximity, whether they be Eddystone beacons, Chromecasts, or even Android Wear watches waiting to be set up. In the announcement, it was mentioned that an update to Google Play services would be rolling out shortly that adds support for all of these new features, and this is the one. While most of the features have already been disclosed, there's one in the teardown that wasn't mentioned.

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Pushbullet Adds Group Texting Support And Ability To Switch Drives While Using Remote Drive [APK Download]

Pushbullet added two small, but useful, new features this morning. First, replying to group SMS from a computer or tablet is now (finally) supported. In a small gesture of holiday goodwill, Pushbullet won't count group SMS messages against the 100 message limit for non-paying users for the rest of the month.


Group texting is now available through Pushbullet's Chrome extension, Windows desktop app, and Pushbullet's website. Support for Safari, Opera, and Firefox is coming soon. Replying to group texts also requires a phone running Android 5.0 and above.

The second change Pushbullet added this morning pertains to the new remote files feature that was added earlier this month.

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AirDroid Introduces Desktop Widget And Right-Click File Sharing For Windows, New Menu Bar Tabs For Mac, And SMS Search For Both

AirDroid offers one of the more Android-themed ways to get files from your computer to your smartphone or tablet. It's green, there's a bugdroid in the logo, and, well—this isn't the point. Besides, file sharing is just scratching the surface. AirDroid lets you control your device remotely, accessing texts and turning on the camera. Now the developers have rolled out a number of intriguing features in the latest updates to its Windows and Mac desktop clients.

On the Windows side of things, there's a new desktop widget. It lets you access much of the functionality the main client offers without having to load up the full window.

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WeTransfer's New Android App Lets Users Send Files Up To 10GB For Free

Everything stored on computers takes up data (this is going somewhere, I promise). We humans, being the social creatures that we are, feel compelled to share things with others. This biological inclination didn't go away with our relatively new obsession with digital things, so we now find ourselves regularly wrestling with the issue of getting data that's stored on one of our devices onto someone else's. WeTransfer and its new Android app can help with that. It's far from the only one that can, but its forgiving file limit makes it a compelling option.

wetransfer1 wetransfer2 wetransfer3

WeTransfer does one thing, and that's all it cares to do.

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Leef Updates Bridge With USB 3.0, Will Launch The USB/MicroUSB Flash Drive In January Exclusively At RadioShack For 60 Days

If you've never heard of Leef Bridge, it's an upcoming flash drive that doesn't discriminate between PCs and smartphones by having a USB port on one end and a MicroUSB port on the other. The company pushes the device as the quickest way to move files between a computer and a phone - and now it just got even faster. Leef Bridge has made the leap from USB 2.0 to USB 3.0, which means zippier file transfers for anyone who picks up the flash drive once it goes on sale in January.

To be more specific, Leef Bridge is coming to store shelves on January 19th and will be exclusively available through RadioShack for 60 days.

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