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Android Q officially sunsets Android Beam

Old Android hands should remember when Ice Cream Sandwich brought a brand new feature called "Android Beam" to everyone's favorite operating system. Basically, it was sort of like a much worse version of Apple's recently-released AirDrop, initiating file transfers locally via NFC. Sadly for those that enjoyed it, the feature was removed from Android Q.

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Network file shares now enabled by default in Chrome OS Canary channel

As of the latest Canary build (v70), Chrome OS now has network file shares enabled by default. SMB sharing was previously possible via a flag that was added back in March, although it was quite unstable at that time. It should hopefully perform better now, allowing you to add a file share service such as Samba.

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Solid Explorer adds support for SMBv2 file sharing protocol


Share files of all sizes to and from any platform for free with Send Anywhere [Sponsored Post]

Sharing files can be a pain. And that pain increases the bigger the file it is, the more unusual the file type, and when you are trying to move the file from one operating system to another. Thankfully, the developers of Send Anywhere have made it a breeze. Even better, it won't cost you a cent.

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Pushbullet Introduces Portal, A New App For Easy File Sharing Between Your Android Device And PC

The developers that brought us Pushbullet have announced a brand new app. Portal is designed to do one thing and one thing only: move files between your computer and your Android device. While this is possible with Pushbullet, it isn't a strong point and requires sending those files to their servers and back. Portal sends them within your local wireless network, avoiding potentially costly data fees and making possible far faster transfer times.

To be clear, the developers haven't really invented anything here. Sharing files over your local wireless network is as old as, well, wireless networks. The innovation here is making it so simple that you don't have to have a clue how it works.

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Droid Zap 3.1 Update Simplifies The UI, Auto Receives Zaps, Adds Some Droid Turbo-Exclusive Perks, And More

Droid Zap began as an exclusive feature that Verizon and Motorola hyped up together, but since then, the feature has spread out to all Android phones and iOS as well. Now the app is getting a visual refresh that should make it look at home on modern devices. The colors are bolder, cards are all over the place, and cute imagery ties everything together. There's also a floating action button hovering in the corner.

Screenshot_2014-11-20-13-43-46 Screenshot_2014-11-20-13-43-54

Screenshot_2014-11-20-13-44-00 Screenshot_2014-11-20-13-44-05 Screenshot_2014-11-20-13-44-11

This is the first update since 2.1 hit back in February, so Motorola has packed quite a few features inside the app. Now users can automatically receive Zaps—photos, videos, etc.—upon launch.

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BitTorrent Sync App Updated To v1.4 With Improved Interface, Easier Folder Sync, And More

The world is rife with cloud storage providers who would be happy to hold on to your data so you can share it with others, but you have to give up a little control to keep your files on a server you don't own. BitTorrent's Sync service offers an alternative "cloud-free" solution, and the Android app has just been bumped to v1.4 with a number of new features.

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[New App] Digify Wants To Be Snapchat For Sending Files, Even Supports Dropbox

The problem with sharing files over the internet is that everything is permanent. Digify doesn't fix this issue, but it sure attempts to by taking the Snapchat approach to privacy and applying it to files. Rather than giving someone permanent access to a document, it gets a time limit from the sender and initiates a self-destruct at said time. It even goes so far as to provide information on who has opened the file and how long they've interacted with it. For the sake of convenience, users can also browse Dropbox and send a file all from within the app.

Digify1 Digify2 Digify3

Digify is smart enough to block the ever powerful screenshot command, and it shoots up a notification whenever such an incident occurs.

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Looking For A Quick And Easy Way To Share Files? ZeoSpace Could Be The Answer [Sponsored Post]

Everyone who has ever used a computer or mobile device has been in this situation: you need to quickly share an image, song, video, document, or some other file with a friend or colleague. Or perhaps a group of people. Or maybe you need to share a group of files with a group of people. Either way you go, there are multiple options for sharing files – some of them better than others.

Enter a newcomer to the file sharing scene: ZeoSpace. This is a no-garbage service that looks to make it quick and painless to share files – be it a single file or a group of files – securely and easily, from a PC or mobile device.

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PushBullet Version 12 Revamps Push-To-Friends Interface, Makes It Much Easier To Share Files With Others

The PushBullet team has been cranking out new features for their file-synching app as of late, making it that much easier to get files from an Android device onto a PC (and back again) without having to deal with any bothersome cables or heavy cloud services. Now the team has crossed yet another milestone - they've made PushBullet more of a social experience. In the past, users could pair directly with their friends' individual devices. Now, friends are organized as contacts, and all you need is an email address to push files to anyone you wish.

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