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Chrome OS is working on a tidier but less efficient file browser navigation pane

It's no secret that the file manager on Chrome OS has been a sore point for users ever since Chromebooks were first introduced to the world as cloud-centric computers. It seems like Google hastily threw in a file browser at the last moment and expected only a few people to use it. Although development on the built-in file manager has stagnated over the years, Google recently introduced small quality-of-life features to make it more efficient (like finally adding "Open File Location" to the context menu). It now looks like Google is trying to improve productivity even further by cleaning up clutter from the navigation pane.

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Files app on Android 11 now includes storage from other apps

The second Developer Preview of Android 11 replaced the built-in file manager with Files by Google, the same application that was already present on the Play Store (and pre-installed on Android Go phones). However, the Files app on Android 11 has a slightly different appearance than the same app on Android 10 phones, and there is some added functionality.

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Astro File Manager gets modern redesign with dark mode in v8.0 (APK Download)

A long-time darling of Android aficionados, Astro File Manager hasn't always had a look befitting its excellent functionality. That changed somewhat through the 7.x version updates, with certain parts of the interface getting refreshed here and there — bottom tabs had been introduced by v7.9, for example. Now version 8 is upon us, and the Astro team has delivered an even more dramatic overhaul. The home page has been completely restyled and the much-requested dark mode has also arrived.

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OnePlus publishes its file manager on the Play Store for faster updates

Android manufacturers resort to three strategies when updating the apps they've built into their phones: they can keep them bundled with the system and only update them with new firmware versions, they can install their own store on the phone and issue updates through it, or they simply publish these apps on the Play Store for faster and easier updates for everyone. The latter is obviously the most consumer-friendly solution and OnePlus' File Manager can now count itself in its ranks.

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[Update: Rolling out to stable] Latest Files by Google beta brings imperfect dark mode

As Android Q makes way for a dark mode, Files by Google has finally joined the dark side and its legion of apps to adopt a dark theme. It looks alright.

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Xiaomi File Manager gets a dark mode and launcher app shortcuts [APK Download]

Xiaomi has introduced a system-wide dark mode in version 10 of its MIUI software, but the company is still in the process of darkening all its apps, including non-system ones. The latest app to receive that treatment is the Mi File Manager, but that's not the only change in its most recent update.

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[Update: OnePlus responds] OnePlus 6/6T users in India wary of Tencent involvement in File Manager app

The latest OxygenOS Open Betas for the OnePlus 6 and OnePlus 6T bring a new storage-cleaning feature to Indian users. But some of them are concerned about the updated File Manager app as Chinese internet giant Tencent is now involved with it. The app uses an odd permissions scheme and there are concerns about how these changes will affect user data and OnePlus's commitment against bloatware.

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ES File Manager vanishes from Play Store, possibly part of DO Global scandal

Earlier this week, BuzzFeed News reported how apps on the Play Store from Chinese firm DO Global regularly committed click fraud automatically clicking on ads on behalf of users. Google has already removed apps and suspended accounts owned by DO Global, and it appears ES File Manager may be part of the ongoing crackdown.

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Chromebooks pick up offline Google Drive folder support in Beta Channel and later

In what will surely be a boon to Chromebook-related productivity, you can now make individual folders and files in your Google Drive available offline on Chrome OS, but only on V73 and later. That's Beta Channel and forward, at the time of writing.

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Files by Google hits 100 million installs on the Play Store

Google introduced its smart file manager back in November 2017 as "Files Go," though the Go moniker has since been dropped in favor of a more simple "Files by Google." In a little over 14 months, Files by Google has managed to get over 100 million downloads on the Play Store, which is pretty impressive for a file manager.

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