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AirDroid updates desktop client with a built-in file manager

AirDroid remains a popular way to manage Android devices from a computer, despite security issues in the past (which were later fixed). Sand Studio, the developers behind AirDroid, has released version 3.5 of the desktop client with a full file manager built-in.

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[Update: Replace option gone] Chrome Beta Now Asks If You Want To Replace Downloads Rather Than Clutter Your Device With Dupes

There's a nifty feature lurking in the latest Chrome Beta (and dev, for that matter) version on Android. If you download a file and there happens to be a file of the same name already in your downloads directory, Chrome asks if you want to replace it. That's a kindness even desktop Chrome doesn't provide.


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Google Drive 2.2 Introduces Drag And Drop File Management And An Updated Navigation Menu [APK Download]

This Update Wednesday brings about a change to the Google Drive Android app that's all about moving files around. Let's get to it.

What's New

Google intends for Drive to serve as your file manager in the cloud, but for ages now the Android app has limited us to moving files around through drop-down menus. Now it supports basic drag and drop.

You should get a pop-up explaining the new feature after making the jump to 2.2, but in case you don't, here's how it works. Simply hold down on a file or folder. A little bubble will appear at the bottom of the screen telling you how many files you have selected.

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Beyond Browsers: 7 Useful File Utilities For Android

A few weeks ago, I selected 7 powerful file browsers for Android with unique capabilities. Some had cloud management support and robust features, others had gestures and distinctive interface elements. But while all of them could fill almost everyone's file management needs, there are a few other file-related functions that regular browsers don't do.

That's where today's selection comes into play. Whether you want to download, convert, sync, or send files, you will find an app here that handles that.

AirDroid - Best Device Manager

Android Police coverage: Exclusive First Look: AirDroid Version 2 Headed For The Play Store Today - Here's What You'll Find Inside

AirDroid shouldn't even need an introduction.

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PushBullet Version 12 Revamps Push-To-Friends Interface, Makes It Much Easier To Share Files With Others

The PushBullet team has been cranking out new features for their file-synching app as of late, making it that much easier to get files from an Android device onto a PC (and back again) without having to deal with any bothersome cables or heavy cloud services. Now the team has crossed yet another milestone - they've made PushBullet more of a social experience. In the past, users could pair directly with their friends' individual devices. Now, friends are organized as contacts, and all you need is an email address to push files to anyone you wish.

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PushBullet Updated To Version 11.3, Introduces Push-To-Chrome, List Transfers, And More

PushBullet has made a name for itself by making it painless to move files from your computer onto your phone. Now the app is taking a bold step towards making it just as easy to move data in the opposite direction. The latest update to version 11.3 introduces push-to-Chrome, a promised feature that should make it possible to get links, notes, pictures, and other content onto any computer running Chrome. The update also introduces the ability to push lists for the first time, and when you create a new push using the app, you can now select what you want to push directly.

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