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Xiaomi brings Mi FileExplorer, with FTP server, to the Play Store for all devices [APK Download]

Xiaomi is following in the footsteps of many OEMs and releasing its apps onto the Play Store for faster updates, which avoids the long waits of firmware upgrades. However, Xiaomi is doing something differently: it's allowing users of other brands' devices to use its apps. After the capable Mi Calculator, now we have Mi FileExplorer on the Play Store. The app is still marked as "Unreleased" so it's still in beta, but from my tests it seems to work quite well.

Mi FileExplorer reminds me of the built-in file browser I've seen on my Samsung and LG devices: there's a regular directory browser, but also a per-type categorization that lets you view all your stored images or videos or APKs or documents (and other types) regardless of which folder they're in.

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ES File Explorer's first big update since adware kerfuffle includes some major UI tweaks

Pop quiz, developers: how do you piss off the maximum amount of users and ruin the reputation of your years-old utility app at the same time? Short of plastering racial slurs all over the intro screen, hiding semi-useless adware inside it seems like a pretty good bet. Though the developers of ES File Explorer eventually turned off the sneaky "charging boost" app that was included in some of the latest builds, the perceived damage to the app among dedicated users has been done. That said, ES File Explorer has over 100 million installations, so things are moving forward regardless.

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Root Explorer Bumps Its Interface From Holoyolo To Material Design

I'm a big fan of Root Explorer for its powerful featureset and no-nonsense user interface. As utilitarian as it is, no one has ever accused it of being, well, pretty. But the latest update to the app, version 4.0 on the Play Store, gives the entire thing a fresh coat of paint. Yeah, it's somewhat overdue, but dedicated users will be happy to see it anyway. "Material Design" is the only entry in the changelog, but to be fair, that's a pretty big change.

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Android N Feature Spotlight: More Powerful Built-In File Manager Adds Move, Rename, Create, And Multiple Instances

In M, Android introduced a much needed file explorer that allowed users to browse their internal storage's directories, copy items, share them, open files that they may not have been able to access otherwise, and find specific ones they're looking for, all without the need for a third-party file explorer. This integrated browser is getting even better in Android N with a lot of new functionality and the addition of more powerful actions that weren't available in the previous iteration.

The browser is still hidden in Android's Settings > Storage > Explore, and once you open it, you'll see a similar interface to the one available in Marshmallow, but with lots of new features.

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PSA: Easiest Way To Install APKs From APK Mirror On Your Android TV? Favorite The Site In ES File Explorer's Built-In Web Browser

We already consider ES File Explorer to be the simplest way to sideload APKs to Android TV, but we didn't realize our old approach was actually the complicated one.

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ES File Explorer Expands Its Material Design Interface To The Play Store Version After Beta Testing

Hey, remember those many moons ago when ES File Explorer, one of the more popular file managers on Android, released a Material Design user interface update? You should, because it was exactly one moon ago, back at the beginning of August. After a relatively quick closed beta session (which Android Police apparently spoiled by writing a story about a pre-release version uploaded to APK Mirror - sorry), the update is now live in the Play Store as app version 4.0.2. Go download it.

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Popular File Manager ES File Explorer Gets A Material Design UI Update In Version 4.0

I have files. You have files. Everyone has files. It kind of goes along with the whole computing thing. Occasionally you'll need to manage those files, and to do so you could do a lot worse than ES File Explorer. This reliable little app has been a popular option (over 100 million downloads!) thanks to a very long feature list and commendable stability. Today it looks a little better thanks to an upgrade to version 4.0.

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7 Powerful And Unique Android File Browsers

File browsers are a dime a dozen on Android. Ever since the dawn of the platform, they have been a staple necessity, mostly for power and root users. Despite some manufacturers, like Samsung, shipping their devices with a barebones file manager, third-party clients have always offered more features, sometimes even earning more than 50 million downloads along the way to become some of the most popular apps on the Play Store.

When looking to recommend the best file browser, I could easily pick two or three incredibly powerful ones and forget twenty others that are just as excellent. If it cuts and it pastes, if it compresses and renames, if it accesses Dropbox and Google Drive, then it's enough for most Android users. That's why I decided to focus my selection on powerful file browsers with a little added something that makes them special.

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Solid Explorer Updated With Limited Work-Around For KitKat SD Card Restrictions On Samsung Devices

The changes that Google made to the way that Android uses external storage (read: MicroSD cards) in KitKat have been contentious to say the least. A few of the more widely-used file explorer apps have utilized a loophole in the Media Scanner service to restore at least some of the more widely-used functions for accessing and modifying files, and now the popular Solid Explorer has done the same.

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According to the changelog for version 1.6, the work-around should function for Samsung devices that have been updated to Android 4.4, though the new Galaxy S5 is a notable exception. We've had limited success in our own tests: on a KitKat-equipped Galaxy Note 3, Artem was able to rename and copy files on the MicroSD card without any kind of root-enabled trickery, but deleting files on the card didn't work.

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Solid Explorer Updated To v1.5 With Improved Bookmarks Panel, Better Android 4.3 Support, Additional Cloud Services, And More

File manager apps are legion on Android. Whether you want something with a ton of features or just a pretty UI, it's out there. One of the top file managers is Solid Explorer, and it's just gotten a nice update to version 1.5. You can stash your files in more places than ever with this one.

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