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[Boooooooooo-gdroid] Dead Zebra celebrates Halloween with Zombie Process Android Mini

Andrew Bell, the man behind Dead Zebra and its unending collections of Android Minis, likes to release new designs frequently to celebrate special dates. Halloween is upon us, and what better way to commemorate the creepy holiday than with an adorable green robot claimed by the undead?

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[Update: Pre-orders open] Dead Zebra announces spring Android Minis and THEY LOOK LIKE PEEPS

Most of you are probably familiar with the Bugdroid: he's the official mascot for Android and a common depiction in Dead Zebra's Android Mini figurines. The company has just pushed its latest special edition set for spring to its site, revealing pre-order availability for tomorrow (March 20th) at 11AM Eastern time and I can't keep up this facade anymore THEY'RE LIKE TINY ANDROID PEEPS IN A BOX, OH MY GOD. 

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[Update: Available now] 'Ginger Gene' Android figure from Dead Zebra will be released tomorrow

Designer Andrew Bell is well known for his custom Android figures, which we have covered on multiple occasions. For this holiday season, he is getting ready to release a special gingerbread model, fittingly named 'Ginger Gene.'

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DeadZebra releases special edition Frank "tech support" Patches collectible Android figurine

DeadZebra's Android figurines are one of the coolest ways you can express your love for Google's operating system. Some people love to collect as many as they can, others buy a couple for their desk or a nice shelf in their room. I have two next to my phone's charger on my nightstand and I like the nerdy effect they provide.

If you're a collector or if you're interested in grabbing a new DeadZebra figurine, there's now one cool, and slightly creepy... well, mostly creepy design to pick from: Frank Patches.

deadzebra-frank-patches-1 deadzebra-frank-patches-2

Mr. Patches wears his name literally with patches on his head and hands, and figuratively being a tech support guy.

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[Update: Now On Sale] Dead Zebra Will Offer A Special Edition Halloween 'Warty Witch' Android Figurine Starting October 19th

Dyzplastic's Android figures designed by Andrew Bell take that warm fuzzy feeling you get from using your phone and plaster it on top of your desk. You can get a standard green one or choose from any number of models that look as though they were taken from Androidify and put through a 3D printer.

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[Update: Winners] We're Giving Away 8 Official, Limited-Edition Android Marshmallow Statues

Update: OK, it's finally happening! Here are our winners for the official Marshmallow figurine contest, in no particular order.

Jason Scofi - for his outstandingly awesome, one-of-a-kind upcycled Android statue. It's fantastic.


Keith Myers - for Artem's Luck... the game. You can download it here. Yes, really: Keith made an Android game about Artem's technological misadventures. It's hilarious. Keith, your figurine is well-earned.


Jeff Kosmicki - for this short animated video of a bugdroid getting hit by a flying marshmallow.

Evan Liao - for his outstanding Android Marshmallow wallpaper everyone should download immediately.


Here's a mobile wallpaper version with just the little marshmallow guy.

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Dead Zebra's Android Christmas Ornaments On Sale Now For $10, Or $90 For A 10-Piece Tree Pack

Do you wish to display your love of Google-branded operating systems to your friends and loved ones, but find Hallmark's selection of nerdy ornaments unaccountably lacking? Then Dead Zebra has your back. They're selling a modified special edition of the ever-shifting Android figurine that's been modified into a Christmas tree ornament. You can pick up one of these shiny fellows in red or blue for $10.

Android_HolidayOrnamental_Blue_WithBox_800 Android_HolidayOrnamental_Red_WithBox_800

There's a limit of two single ornaments for each order, but if you need enough to make your tree positively spangled with tiny toy robots, there's also a "Tree Pack." It includes five red and five blue ornaments for $90, a 10% saving.

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Dead Zebra's Android Figurines Series 4 Now On Sale, Android Socks Are Available Too

Get those browsers warmed up, collectors: the fourth series of Dead Zebra's increasingly zany selection of Android figures is now on sale. You can pick up the new toys from the Dead Zebra web store, and hurry, since they tend to run out of initial stock in less than one day. There are 14 new figures, including ninjas, fishermen, a gold-plated Bugdroid, and more.

Android_S4_gold-34A Android_S4_Astronomiton-FrontA Android_S4_WeeNinja-34A

Android_S4_2x2-34A Android_S4_caveman-34A Android_S4_coredump-34A

Android_S4_dicktator-FrontA Android_S4_Fisherman-34A Android_S4_flipmode-34A

Android_S4_Stresstech-34A Android_S4_trackstar-34A Android_S4_yellow-34A

Individual blind boxes are $8.50, and cases of 16 cost $132. Purchases are limited to two cases of 16 individually-packaged and obscured figures per household. If you miss the initial drop this morning, there will be another re-stock on the website at 11 P.M.

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Andru Is Here To Decorate Your Cubicle, Charge Your Gadgets, Melt Your Heart For $25

Meet Andru. He's an Android. Like all Androids, he's adorable. He sits on your desk and makes you smile at his cute little expressionless face while you toil away on those TPS reports. This little 'droid is a hard worker, too. When you need him to, he transforms into a USB wall charger and provides precious juice to all your gadgets.

andru1 andru2 andru3

Your new little buddy costs $25, and he'll make sure he's worth every penny. Andru comes with a stand to hide his power-plug legs when they're not needed, as well as a green and white micro-USB cable.

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Celebrate The Year Of The Dragon With Dead Zebra's New Android Figurines

Xin Nian Kuai Le, or Happy Chinese New Year! Our favourite figurine maker Dead Zebra has decided to welcome in the Year of the Dragon by bringing to you a family of three Android mini-collectibles, representing Fortune (祿), Blessing (福), and Longevity (壽)!




These colourful figurines are the brainchild of British-born artist Andrew Bell, whose work includes illustrations, paintings, toys, and sculptures.

The Android mini-collectibles will be sold in sets of 3 for $29. You can pick them up from the Dead Zebra shop on Wednesday, January 25th from 11AM EST. A second batch will go on sale from 11PM EST, on the same day.

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