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The Adidas GMR is a $40 Google Jacquard tag with a FIFA game tie-in

Last week, Google's Advanced Technology and Projects unit teased a collaboration centered around its Project Jacquard smart clothing tag featuring sportsgear brand Adidas and video game publisher Electronic Arts. Well, the teasing's over now and what we've got are a new pair of insoles that are meant to get you (or your kids) playing real soccer while also acing virtual soccer in EA Sports FIFA Mobile. Adidas calls it GMR.

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Google, EA Sports, and Adidas are working together on Jacquard-powered smart insoles (Updated)

Remember the Nike+ tracker device for shoes from the mid-2000s that could record your physical activity when paired to an iPod? Google appears to be working on a similar device, and it has struck a partnership with Adidas and Electronic Arts to make it happen.

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Weekend poll: Will you be following the 2018 FIFA World Cup on your Android phone?

Historically, sports aren't really our emphasis here at Android Police. As the name implies, we more go for phones and technology. But with the 2018 World Cup approaching, the coming matches are on many of our reader's minds—as well as our own. So we're curious, do you plan on following the games in any way on your Android phone?

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Google will help you keep track of all the 2018 FIFA World Cup action

Unless you've been living under a rock in recent weeks, you may have heard about some soccer thing that's happening soon (football, to those of us this side of the Atlantic). The 2018 FIFA World Cup is almost upon us, and Google has some tricks up its sleeve to assist fans around the globe. As the tournament kicks off with Russia vs Saudi Arabia next Thursday, new features in the Google app will help you keep up with all the action. Other Google products will also be on hand to improve the experience, including Assistant, News, Trends, and Maps.

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Hublot's $5,200 Wear OS watch to be worn by 2018 FIFA World Cup referees, limited to 2,018 pieces

Hublot has become the latest watchmaker to delve into the realm of Andr- I mean, Wear OS watches. Its new watch, dubbed 'Big Bang Referee 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia' (seriously) will be worn by referees for the --- you guessed it --- 2018 FIFA World Cup, and it'll retail for 5,000 Swiss francs (~$5,200 US). It'll be limited to 2,018 pieces.

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EA's FIFA Soccer hits a whopping 100 million downloads on the Play Store

Soccer (or to non-Americans, football) is one of the most popular sports in the world. As a result, the FIFA video game series has had tremendous success on all sorts of gaming platforms, including Android. Proving this, FIFA Soccer has just hit an incredible 100 million downloads on the Play Store.

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EA's FIFA Mobile Soccer shoots into the Play Store after a long soft launch period

There was a time back in 2000 when I loved playing FIFA on my computer. I'd mastered the art of the keystrokes so it was quite easy for me to win any length of match against any opponent on any level of difficulty. But as time passed and I got more busy with school and work, I didn't have enough time to learn the new tricks and options of new versions of FIFA and I fell behind. Now, I can't have my player run for 2 seconds without being tackled by someone on the opposite team. Oh well...

If you're better than me at playing FIFA or you have enough time to learn how to coordinate a corner kick with a header shot, you're in luck.

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FIFA 17 companion app lands in the Play Store for Ultimate Team trading on the go

Remember when console sports games were just about, you know, sports? RBI Baseball back on the Genesis was basically just Street Fighter with nine guys on a side: pick a team, pick an opponent, and go. EA's latest soccer games have season modes, manager modes, career modes, and on and on and on. The FIFA Ultimate Team mode, a mix of franchise management and "fantasy" sports with full-length matches, is designed so that players can pit their team-building skills against online opponents all over the world. (Oh, and also spend a bunch of money on in-app purchases for a $60 game).

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FIFA 16 Ultimate Team Is Now Available On Android, But Device Compatibility Is Strange

We don't see too much enthusiasm for soccer in the US. In fact, we call it soccer instead of football just to show how much we don't care what the rest of the world thinks. Classic America, right? At any rate, FIFA 16 Ultimate Team is out on Android, and I'm going to do my best to explain what it's all about.

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FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Ends Its Brief Period Of Isolation In Canada To Go Live In The Rest Of The World

Last week EA launched FIFA 15 Ultimate Team exclusively in Canada. Our northern friends have had plenty of time since to run the game through its paces, and it looks like things have checked out. EA is now releasing the game in the rest of the world.

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