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Fiat Chrysler and Google team up on a concept automotive infotainment system powered by Android

CES is upon us and the cool, new announcements are incoming. Showing itself to be an early bird, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) has announced a collaboration on a new concept for an automobile infotainment system powered by Android. Goody, another one.

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Fiat Chrysler Will Introduce Android Auto Support In Select New Cars With Fourth-Generation Uconnect Systems, Arriving Sometime In 2016

Android Auto is probably the most expensive form of Android you're considering paying for, and the options aren't nearly as diverse as they are with phones. You either have to buy the latest model from a car maker that offers support, or you upgrade your stereo. On the positive side, more manufacturers are jumping on board. Fiat Chrysler will show off Android Auto support at this year's CES.

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