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Google Fi SMS bug that sent bizarre Chinese texts is now fixed

Recently, some SMS/text messages sent by Google Fi subscribers were arriving as strange Chinese gibberish — with the occasional emoji thrown in for good measure. Tests confirmed that the problem seemed to be caused by an encoding issue, likely exclusive to Fi messages sent to Verizon subscribers. Google tells us it has since rolled out a fix for the problem.

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[Update: Resolved] Google Fi subscribers can't make calls over cellular right now

If you are on Google Fi and you're unable to place a call right now, you aren't alone. Widespread reports indicate that Fi subscribers are unable to place or receive calls via their cellular connection, though SMS, data, and Wi-Fi calling services appear to be unaffected. We can independently confirm that calls placed over Fi are failing.

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Google Fi's customer service is a complete disaster - and the proof is piling up

Google Fi's customer service problems are numerous and well-documented. The carrier has been accused of billing customers for using Wi-Fi, blacklisting IMEIs, locking customers out of their Google accounts, and charging them the full price after promotions (causing plenty of overdraft fees in the process). At this point, Fi is more associated with bottom-barrel customer service than the aggressive, on-demand pricing it was once known for. Today we have another horror story involving a two-month-long runaround and $70 in upgrade fees for a phone the company admits was never delivered.

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Project Fi shutting down text forwarding on September 12

A sad bit news hit Project Fi users' emails today. Google's MVNO service is shutting down text forwarding on September 12. While I'm sure not everyone on the carrier uses this feature, I personally have relied on it since joining Fi. 

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[Deal Alert] Buy two Moto X4s from Project Fi and get $249 of service credit (BOGO)

The Android One Moto X4 is a good mid-range device, but the price was too high when it launched. It's only officially available from Project Fi in the United States, and the carrier has run multiple promotions in the past that brought down the price. Most recently, the phone dropped to $249 ($150 off).

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'Bill Protection' is Project Fi's answer to unlimited data plans

Project Fi was a great deal when it was first introduced, minus the fact that the only compatible phone was the Nexus 6. Now that carriers are re-introducing 'unlimited' plans, Project Fi's $10/GB pricing tier isn't quite as appealing as it once was. Fi has now introduced its own version of an unlimited plan, called 'Bill Protection.'

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Project Fi will give you $100 in service credit if you buy a Moto X4

The Moto X4 is the first non-Google phone to arrive on Project Fi, but the $399 price tag was asking too much. David referred to it as, "a $400 G5 Plus with NFC in a metal and glass sandwich," which I think is fairly accurate. Project Fi has now made the price more tolerable, by including $100 of service credit when you buy an X4.

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The Moto X4 might be coming to Project Fi

Project Fi is a pretty good carrier if you don't use much cellular data, as it only charges $20/month for the base service and $10 per GB used. But only Google's own devices can be activated on the network, and now that the age of Nexus is over, the only choice is a $650+ phone. To fill the network's mid-range gap, Project Fi announced yesterday that a new device "from a partner" would arrive later this year.

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Project Fi launches group plans, Nexus 5X and 6P will continue to be available on Fi

Last month, an APK teardown revealed that Project Fi, Google's wireless network, was preparing to offer group plans. Now group plans are official, and admittedly, the pricing isn't spectacular.

Project Fi already offers $20 a month for Fi Basics, which is unlimited talk and text. Every GB of data is $10, but Fi credits back any data you don't use. Now you can add up to five additional people to your Fi plan, who each pay $15/month for Fi Basics and the same $10 per GB. So by going with a group plan, you're saving $5 per person.

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