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Fenix Updated With Ability to Peek At Images, Videos, And Profiles Without Leaving The Timeline

Just a few weeks ago it looked like Fenix for Twitter was dead after the developer ran out of Twitter auth tokens. Then a wonderful thing happened—Twitter decided to work with developers like Fenix's Matteo Villa so their apps don't die after running out of tokens. Fenix is back, and the latest update adds a feature called Peek, which kind of, sort of looks like 3D Touch. It's really just a long-press, though.

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Fenix Returns To The Play Store After Developer And Twitter Apparently Reach Agreement To Allow More Users

Fenix disappeared from the Play Store on Monday. You've heard the story before. Popular Twitter client reaches 100,000 users and goes away. If you aren't familiar with the song and dance, here's how it went down this time around.

Except, it turns out, there's a happy ending.

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Fenix Pulled From Play Store After Hitting Twitter's Dumb Token Limit

Twitter instituted the API token limit way back in 2012. Since then, a number of high-profile apps have maxed out at 100,000 users and been retired. The latest app to become a victim of its own success is Fenix. It ran out of tokens yesterday and now it's gone from the Play Store. It took almost exactly two years.

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Twitter For Android Updated With Support For Embedded Retweets

A week ago, Twitter announced that it was updating its browser and mobile apps with support for embedded retweets — a new way for you to repost what someone else has said, while keeping their original tweet intact and adding your own comment without wasting a lot of characters. At the time, the iOS app got the update immediately, but Android users had to wait (or use Talon, which doesn't like seeing Android treated as a second-class citizen) to be able to send these new retweets.

The update is now live for the Android app on the Play Store, but we've got an APK Mirror link in case it hasn't rolled out to you yet.

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